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Industry Secrets Revealed

Our guests are among the most innovative and forward thinking in the industry. Here are just a few of the brains we’ve picked on the show. 


Glenn Kelman (Redfin), Teresa Grobecker (reConsortia), Matt Ross (Clozio)


Josh Culler (Culler Media), Italina Kirknis (Online Presence Expert)


Mark Choey (, Karen Abram (Dash CMA)


Stacy Staub (West + Main), Sarah Richardson (Tru Realty), Maribel Ramos (C21)

Amazing Stories

Our epidoses start with people sharing their rags to riches stories and experiences of failure. They lead to amazing results and self revolations. We also have some of the 100 most influential names in the real estate industry sharing their knowledge. A successful career is within your reach. We’re here to teach you how to do it. 

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Latest Episodes

New episodes drop every week. Stay up to date with the best and brightest minds that real estate has to offer. 

145 – Takeaways And Highlights Over The Years From The Podcast

It’s the final episode! We think we said what we needed to say and provided a reliable archive of information for agents such as yourselves to prosper. Listen on Apple[…]

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144 – Social Media Marketing

Today, we’re discussing the upside and downside of utilizing Social Media Marketing to further your business online! Listen on Apple Podcast Some agents make a living from selling themselves online,[…]

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143 – Building a Team – An Honest Conversation

Today, we’re discussing how to consider teams as a collective working towards a common goal. On this episode, we talk about structure, fine-tuning, and much more. Listen on Apple Podcast[…]

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