134 – Navigating Change in Your Business

We talk about change in this episode. There is no doubt that 2020 has been a year of changes, what with the pandemic and its challenges. Christian, Nate, and Chris share their insights on navigating change.

The following are some advice from Valerie Garcia, VP of Learning and Development in Realvolve and Firepoint:

  1. Have a role for everyone on the team. Everyone must be crystal clear on what they must do and when.
  2. Put systems and processes in place before you need them and allow for growth and adjustment along the way.
  3. Plan

Some have an easier time coping with the changes brought about by the pandemic, but we have to make some changes to stay afloat sometimes. An easy trap to fall into is self-pity. Instead of moping around, we need to roll with the punches and embrace change.

Some good has come from the pandemic on the business side of things. Technological innovations make it easier to maintain a business during a time like this. We can have forms filled out remotely, for example. There is no changing the situation, but we can always shift our outlook. There may be more challenges in the future when this pandemic is over. It is survival of the fittest. Adapt to the changes or lag.

Change is a massive part of the business. Nobody wants to be that person who is stuck in their ways, and the best way to learn how to change is through others. A person on our side who can spot flaws and ask questions, whether we agree with them or not, can give us a new perspective on how to go about making changes.

We need to be proactive and be ready for whatever outcome, whether good or bad. Learn from mistakes and do better the next time around. Doing open houses and reaching out is going to be different as we advance.

Peers, colleagues, and online groups are an invaluable resource for business strategies. There is no shame in taking and adapting someone’s ideas for our purposes because everyone is learning to adjust.

You have to expand your horizons and think outside the box as well. To bring it back to the episode’s topic, try not to be bogged down with the usual thinking way. Be flexible, humble, and do what is necessary to make your business better. Do not be afraid to change if it means coming out the other side. Think of making significant changes as evolution instead of thinking of it as a failure. People who criticize you for changing do not understand what it takes to survive. Pay them no mind. Those who can adapt are more likely to survive the highly competitive real estate market.

Walking the road less traveled and doing your own thing may be conflicting advice, but the herd is probably going in the wrong direction.

There is no dancing around the fact that change is a tough thing. You, as a broker, do not have the time to deal with negativity from other people. Focus on what you need to do to keep up with all the changes happening around you. Evolve, roll with the punches, and embrace change. Block critics out and only listen to the people who want success for you. Be proactive and be ready for your plans to succeed or even fail. Take inspiration from what others are doing or do something different. Be flexible in your methods and humble yourself. Your perspective will determine your path.

So stay tuned, and I hope you learned something from this episode of Rethink Real Estate!