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137 – Can Real Estate Be Done Part-time

In today’s show we are discussing whether real estate can be done part time as a hobby or as a profession!

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So the topic today where so many agents like to complain about, does being part-time necessarily mean that you being under-trained and being shitty at your job? Not necessarily, if you’re juggling too much then it is, but it should always be based on your client’s best interest!

Sure there will be pros and cons in working part-time and full-time working as an agent. For example, Kellen who has worked in a large wireless telecommunications company has suddenly and unceremoniously laid off out of nowhere and where he wasn’t fully financially prepared! He and his wife wondered if they could survive on a single minimum wage, hourly pay. After realizing that they could not, they decided that they needed a change, so Kellen went to real estate college, when he found that his great, great, great grandfather’s real estate license from the city of Long Beach in 1939.

Unfortunately, he still needed money to support his family and so what he did for the year in real estate was he worked full-time during the day and he worked a night job delivering pizzas.

In working multiple jobs at the same time, there will be burnout! There are going to be moments where you question if what you’re doing is still the right thing, the right move, and it’s just a matter of persevering.

Show Topics:

Working part-time and full-time as an agent

Perseverance that is required when working part-time as an agent

Saying “No” to other opportunities in pursuit of your business

Transitioning to working full-time in an establish company to working part-time as an agent

Helpful advice for newer agents

Having contingency plan in making your real estate business network, work for you

Having a different perspective

Treating each client as a transaction and never be complacent

How to consider your client’s best interest

Staying hungry as a real estate agent

Doing everything with excellence

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So stay tuned, and I hope you learned something from this episode of Rethink Real Estate!