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139 – Coaches, Mentors, and Gurus… Oh my!

In today’s show, we differentiate coaches, mentors, and gurus and share personal experiences with them.

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Coaching services cost plenty of money so you have to be careful with whom you invest your time and money. Frauds tend to target wet behind-the-ear agents. It would be prudent as a new agent to find a mentor who can bring your business to a good place.

Finding a coach that is right with you in terms of how he/she aligns with the type of business you want to build is paramount to business success. Granted this is a big challenge and honestly, there are many coaches, mentors, and gurus that are most likely not the coach you want. But then again, it is you, what it feels like for you with your chosen coach and we give a stern warning for you to be careful who you trust.

Show topics:

  • Distinctions between coaches, mentors, and gurus
  • Personal experiences with coaches, mentors, and gurus
  • Coach vs Guru
  • Find the coach that is right for you
  • Trust you put in your coach.
  • Summary

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So stay tuned, and I hope you learned something from this episode of Rethink Real Estate!