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142 – Real Estate Conferences

Today, were discussing a real estate conference and should you attend one? We answer those questions on this episode of the Rethink Real Estate podcast.

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There are different types of conferences you can attend as an agent. Which one you go to really depend on what value you want from it. In our opinion, the value lies in networking opportunities. The lobby conference is a meeting of the brains you can’t have anywhere else. That being said, if you are not implementing what you learn you’re not using your resources well.

All sorts of conferences are available for you both online and in person. (We may be attending a few ourselves!) Find the right conference for you and see what you can learn and who you can meet.

Show topics

  • Real estate conferences
  • Value of conferences
  • Types of conferences
  • Personal vs tactical conferences
  • Conference experiences
  • Value of “Lobby conferences”
  • Implementing conference knowledge
  • Chris’ upcoming conferences
  • Finding the right con
  • Takeaway

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