About the reThink Real Estate Podcast

re:Think Real Estate was started as a podcast to fill in a void in the real estate podcasting market. One evening Chris was looking for a some new content to listen to and realized that there wasn’t a podcast aimed at supporting the role of the average agent or small broker. Adding to the void was that many of the podcasts were “monetized, sponsored, and were annoying to listen to” (Chris’ words).

Christian, Nathan, and Chris all met in mid-2016 at the Inman Connect Conference. In the Fall of 2016, RTRE was born when Chris contacted Christian and Nate to create the newest real estate podcast.* They all realized that seeing the value in such a project would take time, especially given the reletively small niche to which the podcast is focused. Everyone committed to creating at least 100 episodes before determining if the podcast is a success or failure.

In early 2017 the podcast was launched and with the help and support of early guests like Joe Rand and Phil Greely, RTRE has attracted amazing industry talent ever since.

RTRE is committed to delivering the podcast to the real estate industry free of ads, sponsorships, of paid product plugs. We are doing this as a passion project.

Please do us a huge favor and visit us on iTunes to leave a 5-STAR review. You don’t have to listen to us to do this, but we prefer you did!

re:Think Real Estate is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and dozens of other podcasting apps.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our project.

* don’t read too much into this. We were the newest as of the date we launched.

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