Booking Confirmed

You’re booked for recording an episode of reThink Real Estate! We’re excited to get to know you during your episode. 

Important Information

Here are a few things to remember as you record your episode:

  • We will record VIDEO and AUDIO. The audio is published as the podcast and the video version is release on the YouTube channel.
  • The show will be released on, YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and most places where podcasts are available. 
  • The show is lightly edited, if there is something we need to cut then we can. 
  • This show IS NOT a commercial. We want to get to know you as a person. Try to avoid sales pitches, otherwise, the show may not air. 
  • This show does not have language restrictions, but we do ask that points stay on topic.
  • Please remember to turn off your phone while recording.
  • We recommend using a separate microphone and headphones to avoid echos in the recording.
  • Please be in a quiet area that does not have a bad echo.

Who Else Should Be On Our Show?

We’re always looking for great guests to join us. Who do you know that should come on our show? Let us know!