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RTRE 87 – Teresa Grobecker, CEO of reConsortia

Today we discuss how compensation is compressing with Teresa Grobecker, CEO of reConsortia. She shares the secrets for winning more business over the years to come by being tech enabled. We talk about how you brace for change and earn more. Teresa explains how reConsortia is planning to change the game for property data in…
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RTRE 86 – Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin

Today on reThink Real Estate we are joined by Glenn Kelman, the CEO of Redfin. Glen joins us to talk about his story of growing with Redfin from a technology expert to CEO. Glen shares some insight from running one of the largest real estate brokerages in the world. We discuss the future of real…
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RTRE 85 – Sarah Richardson of Tru Realty on Blockchain and Brokerage

Sarah Richardson is the Founder & CEO of Tru Realty; a rapidly growing tech enabled brokerage in the Phoenix Market. Tru Realty is known for its proprietary training curriculum for new agents who want to work as a full time Realtors and white glove one on one coaching for agents who want to scale quickly.…
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RTRE 84 – Applying Technology in Real Estate

We often skim the surface of technology in hopes that we don’t confuse folks, so be warned. Today we go a little deeper and start discussing technology strategy and implementation. Tune in to hear what we’re doing for a tech strategy in our brokerages.

RTRE 74 – Should the Buyer Pay the Commission?

There’s been a bit of industry chatter around whether the buyer should be responsible for paying the commission in most real estate transactions. Today we break down our opinions on who should pay the commission and how it should work. In the show we mention a study that shows that when houses are sold “By…
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RTRE 73 – How to Make the Real Estate Rollercoaster Relax a Bit

We’ve all ridden it. The up and down rollercoaster that is required when building a business. Some days are higher than high and others are lower than low. Imaginns stretching your shoestring budget for months until your 10k commission is set to close only to find out that the Buyer financed a surgery the day…
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RTRE 65 – How Can Brokers Provide Value?

Download this Episode Today Nathan hits us with a surprise topic of how real estate brokers can stay valuable with small margins and high demands.

RTRE 59 – Fighting the Commoditization of Real Estate

Download this Episode Join today’s discussion about how we can compete against a barrage of pressures affecting the real estate industry. We discuss where to focus attention and how to back a value proposition. reThink Real Estate Podcast Transcription Audio length 33:09 RTRE 59 – Fighting the Commoditization of Real Estate [music] [Chris] Welcome to…
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RTRE 56 – Where’s Tech Going?

Download this Episode In today’s episode Chris and Christian briefly discuss their thoughts on home automation and smart technology. Let us know what smart technology you prefer in the comments! Rethink Real Estate Podcast Transcription Audio length 13:51 RTRE 56 –  Where’s Tech Going? [music] [Chris] Welcome to re:Think Real Estate, your educational and hopefully…
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RTRE 55 – Pay Attention to What Matters in Your Real Estate Business

On this weeks episode of reThink Real Estate, we discuss ways to clear your mind and focus on your business. There are hundreds of headlines vying for our attention which serve as little more than a distraction to our businesses. We discuss our thoughts on what to pay attention to and what to ignore so…
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