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139 – Coaches, Mentors, and Gurus… Oh my!

In today’s show, we differentiate coaches, mentors, and gurus and share personal experiences with them. Listen on Apple Podcast Coaching services cost plenty of money so you have to be careful with whom you invest your time and money. Frauds tend to target wet behind-the-ear agents. It would be prudent as a new agent to…
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138 – How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Real Estate License

In today’s show, we’re evaluating the cost of getting your real estate license. The truth is that it adds up because you need to pay for pre-licensing, joining your local association, etc. It is all worth it in the end. It’s cheaper than having a college education, at least. Listen on Apple Podcast We’re evaluating…
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137 – Can Real Estate Be Done Part-time

In today’s show we are discussing whether real estate can be done part time as a hobby or as a profession! Listen on Apple Podcast So the topic today where so many agents like to complain about, does being part-time necessarily mean that you being under-trained and being shitty at your job? Not necessarily, if…
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136 – How to Not Suck As An Agent In a Hot Market

This is the first episode with our new co-host, Kellen “The Beard” Hoskins. We’re talking about how to not suck as an agent in a hot market. Listen on Apple Podcast Hot markets make bad agents. Typically, agents perform poorly when there are too many opportunities in the market that they become too busy to…
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RTRE Ep 135 – The Relaunch + A Big Announcement!

Today on the show, we are excited to announce some big, big changes and announcements! We’re switching things up so that it will open some great opportunities for the show. Listen on Apple Podcast It’s been a few months since we’ve released the show and I know you’ve been wondering when we’re going to come…
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134 – Navigating Change in Your Business

We talk about change in this episode. There is no doubt that 2020 has been a year of changes, what with the pandemic and its challenges. Christian, Nate, and Chris share their insights on navigating change. The following are some advice from Valerie Garcia, VP of Learning and Development in Realvolve and Firepoint: Have a…
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133 – Planning for a Better 2021

Today, we’re talking about how to take your business to new levels by using a formal business plan. Valerie’s tips: When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. A business plan is a great start but it’s what you do after you plan that ensures your success. A good business plan makes your goals…
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132 – How to Generate Leads

Listen now to learn how to bring leads into your business today. Lead generation is complex and multifaceted. In this episode, we discuss different sources of leads and how to bring them all into play to increase your bottom line.

131 – Segment Smart

In today’s episode, we discuss how marketing to your existing database can be far more effective than spending lots of money on lead generation. Effective database management involves sending messages that are applicable to their needs, so we dive into ways to segment your database. We also share ideas that have worked for us in…
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130 – James Dwiggins

James Dwiggins is the CEO and Founder of NextHome. In today’s interview, James dives into the vision, mission, and success stories behind the fastest growing real estate franchise in the United States. Further, he shares how the marriage of technology, agents, and consumers can win when implemented properly. James discusses how going against the grain…
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