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114 – Neil Mathweg of Agent Rise

To seek coaching, or not to seek coaching. It’s not a question. If you want to be great then you need someone pushing you to be great. Get it together and put someone in your corner to hold you accountable. There are plenty of great coaches, Neil Mathweg is one of them. Have a listen…
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Property Management During COVID

110 – DD Lee on the Rental Market

Tune in today to learn how to position your business for the investment market. DD Lee, the founder of Skyline Property Management, joins us on the show today to talk about the impact COVID is having on rentals and property investment. DD shares the current impact that she is seeing first hand and breaks down…
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RTRE 104 – Corona Virus War Room

Join us in today’s special episode of rethink real estate to learn how you can survive the Coronavirus pandemic. We talk about the things to do, avoid, and where to focus your efforts. This is the time to be active in your own war room. In the episode, we talk about where a real estate…
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RTRE 83 – Jesse Wiser on Using Video

Jesse Wiser is in his third year as a real estate agent. It’s also his first year as a full-time agent. That’s why you’re going to want to tune in to learn how he’s already closed over $5M in volume this year with another million under contract. Jesse avoids traditional advertising and calling in favor…
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RTRE 71 – Dealing with Rejection

Rejection is a natural part of building a businenss from scratch. Join us on today’s episode as Christian and Chris discuss how they deal with rejection and stay focused on their businesses.

RTRE 70 – Prospecting for Real Estate Agents

Subscribe to catch every episode of re:Think Real Estate on Apple Podcasts. On today’s episode we’re talking prospecting. The discussion is all about what we like and what works. Join the discussion on facebook.

RTRE 53 – How Body Language Can Improve Your Real Estate Business

Download this Episode Body language is one of the most important tools in your arsenal to build a rapport with your clients. Today we discuss how much more important your body language is to your clients than your words and your tone. We discuss the ins and outs of the handshake, when to avoid closing…
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RTRE 43 – Stop Wasting Time and Money

Download this Episode Learn to stop wasting your time and money. Reign in your focus as a real estate professional and double down on things that will make you money in 2019. Today we discuss where agents are making their mistakes. We share how agents can refocus their efforts on what they’re currently doing and…
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S1 Ep 24: Upping the Client Experience with Jay O’Brien and Jeff Jackel from

On today’s episode of RTRE we’re joined by┬áJay O’Brien and Jeff Jackel from to discuss how increasing the level of service can reduce your prospecting budget down to zero. Focusing on client experience leads to better and more frequent referrals. Tune in to learn how to implement this in your own business.

S1 Ep4: Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies

Download This Episode In today’s episode, Christian talks about his most effective lead generation strategies. Nathan shares his unconventional approach to generating business that led to over 20 of his 50+ plus deals in 2017. Chris shares how his office uses the power of referrals to generate consistent business.