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RTRE 82 – Dan Noma from iReal Estate Pro

Today we’re joined by Dan Noma from Venture Real Estate & Investment and Founder of iReal Estate Pro. Dan joins us on reThink Real Estate to discuss how the iBuyer is impacting the real estate space and how people can position themselves to capitalize on it. Dan transacted over 3000 properties for large corporations, hedge…
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RTRE 80 – Peter Schravemade with

Today we’re joined by the international evangelist for, Peter Schravemade. Peter shares some great ideas for improving the marketing quality of the homes we advertise for sale. Tune in today to hear some sage advice for how real estate agents can improve their marketing strategies.

RTRE 76 – Social Media with Online Presence Expert Italina Kirknis

It’s not often that real estate pros get the inside scoop from a social media pro, so we were very lucky to speak with Italina Kirknis this week. Italina is an online presence expert and shared with us some great advice for getting social media right. Italina shares with us the important places to be…
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RTRE 68 – Rob Hahn on Shifting Market Trends

Rob Hahn joins reThink Real Estate today to tell us about the shift in the real estate industry. Rob is the mastermind behind Notorious Rob, co-founder of 7DS Associates and one of Inman’s 100 Most Influential People. Listen in to hear about the iBuyer invasion and the future of the real estate brokerage.

RTRE 49 – Tim Hur, Managing Real Estate Broker of Point Honors

Tim Hur is the Managing Broker of Point Honors & Associates, a residential real estate firm in Duluth, GA. Tim has built a great firm and has also served on NAR’s Fair Housing committee during 2018. Tim joins us to give life to the fair housing conversation and why it’s important in our business. He…
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RTRE 41: Maribel Ramos from Homeless to Home Expert

Download this Episode Maribel Ramos is a true rags-to-riches story. One of our most inspiring guests to date, Maribel joins us to talk about the hardships she’s overcome and how she was able to sell $18M in her first two years in real estate. Today Maribel is the Official Spokes Person of the Empowering Latinas…
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RTRE 39 – Sean Carpenter

Today we’re joined by Sean Carpenter. Sean is an Inman Ambassador, national speaker, and a real estate educator. Tune in to hear about how Sean’s working to make an impact with a collaborative environment among real estate agents. Sean also shares some great advice on how to build a career as a new agent and…
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RTRE 37 – Sabrina Lowery

Sabrina Lowery joins RTRE today to discuss how technology is used in business today. Sabrina is a broker, author, and speaker with a backround in the tech sector. You can find her book here: Follow Us Nathan White     Chris Lazarus     Christian Harris Download this Episode Rethink Real Estate Podcast Transcription Audio…
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RTRE 36 – Erica Ramus on Promoting Women Leaders

re:Think Real Estate is dedicated to bringing the best to you weekly. Erica Ramus leads a small brokerage that dominates her market all while demonstrating real leadership for women in the industry. Tune in to hear some great advice for how we can all work to develop more female leaders within our own companies.  …
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RTRE 35 – Billy Ekofo on Giving Everything

Billy Ekofo is a popular name in the real estate circle. He joins us to share his story of fleeing for safety from the Congo and how he landed in real estate. Follow Billy @billyekofo We are re:Think Real Estate – The real estate podcast bringing you the best the industry has to offer.Chris Lazarus…
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