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S1 Ep18: Tanya Delahoz Shares the Story of Dwell Summit

Today on RTRE, we’re joined by our good friend and owner of Dwell Summit, Tanya Delahoz. Tanya is here to share her story of creating a recognized brand within her community as an independent brokerage. Learn more about Dwell Summit at:

S1 Ep15: Eric Veal Joins Us to Talk Artificial Intelligence

Today on re:Think Real Estate we’re discussing artificial intelligence and google’s newest announcement for their AI Google Assistant. If you want to reach out to Eric with any questions about AI, tech or Appsjack, visit and you can also click on the Podcast tab on his website to listen to the podcast mini-series he did…
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S1 Ep6: Joseph Rand on re:Think Real Estate

Today on re:Think Real Estate we’re Joined by Joe Rand from Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty in Nyack New York. Joe is the author of what will likely become an industry best seller. His book, Disruptors, Discounters, and Doubters, is available now at the link below. Learn more about re:Think Real Estate at…
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