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reThink Real Estate Joins Industry Syndicate

Today the reThink Real Estate Podcast is proud to announce that we are officially the newest member of the Industry Syndicate This means that Christian, Nate, and Chris can leave the kid table and eat with the grown-ups in real estate. The new app puts every real estate show you need in one place and we’re excited to be a part of it.

As an Industry Syndicate member, we’ve teamed up with other industry show hosts like Bill Risser and Dustin Brohm. We’re excited to continue bringing great content to you each week.

After our announcement, we talk about what happened when you outgrow your brokerage. Nate has hit a dead-end at his brokerage. Now he’s exploring the options. First, he describes the relationships with his current company and how he approached notifying them of his decision. Then we follow Nate as he discusses navigating the many options about what brokerage is going to be the right fit. Then we discuss the leadership aspect of the approach when leading a group of people to make a decision.

This episode is packed with great information and real-life examples of what are often just discussion points. Nate will be making a decision soon, so be sure to look out for that on a future episode of reThink Real Estate.

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You can find our show among other Industry Syndicate podcasts by downloading the app on your phone today.