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RTRE 49 – Tim Hur, Managing Real Estate Broker of Point Honors

Tim Hur is the Managing Broker of Point Honors & Associates, a residential real estate firm in Duluth, GA. Tim has built a great firm and has also served on NAR’s Fair Housing committee during 2018. Tim joins us to give life to the fair housing conversation and why it’s important in our business. He…
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RTRE 48 – What to Ask When Choosing a Brokerage

Today Nathan throws out a surprise topic for us to discuss. We talk about the questions people should ask when determining whether a brokerage is for them or not. We want to know what you love best about your brokerage. In the comments tell us what your favorite part is! RTRE_Ep_48  Audio length 29:24 RTRE…
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RTRE 46 – What is a Client Centric Brokerage?

There’s been lots of industry chatter about the difference between running an agent-centric brokerage vs. a client-centric brokerage. Today we break down the article written by Erica Ramus for Inman News. We spend time clarifying the difference between the two philosophies and share insight into how our businesses are run. Tell us what you think…
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RTRE 45 – 2019 Predictions for the Real Estate Market

Download this Episode Welcome back for another episode of re:Think Real Estate. On today’s episode, we reach back to our second episode to review our predictions for the real estate market in 2018. We discuss where we were really right and where we were less right! We also talk about our predictions for the 2019…
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RTRE 33 – How the hell do you stay organized while you grow a business?

It’s a legit question, right? We’re all struggling with this one, so tune in as we discuss what’s working and what’s not working for us. We are re:Think Real Estate – The real estate podcast bringing you the best the industry has to offer.Chris Lazarus – www.sellectrealty.comNathan White – www.linkapm.comChristian Harris – Download this…
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S1 Ep 28: Stacy Stateham on Building a Vision

Download this Episode Today we’re joined by Stacy Stateham from Bloomtree Realty in Prescott, AZ. Stacy is the co-founder and EVP of Marketing and Branding. Tune in as we get some major insight on what works and what doesn’t in today’s brokerage environment.   Learn more about the cast of RTRE by following us! Chris Lazarus…
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S1 Ep18: Tanya Delahoz Shares the Story of Dwell Summit

Today on RTRE, we’re joined by our good friend and owner of Dwell Summit, Tanya Delahoz. Tanya is here to share her story of creating a recognized brand within her community as an independent brokerage. Learn more about Dwell Summit at:

S1 Ep17: Creating a Profitable Real Estate Business

Today on RTRE we’re addressing a dirty word: profitability. Follow us on Facebook @rethinkpodcast visit us online:   Leave us a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review

S1 Ep14: Real Estate Market Update

On today’s episode, the RTRE cast discusses the start up costs and some inexpensive marketing techniques for new agents. Visit us at for more information.

S1 Ep13: The Cost of Starting in Real Estate

On today’s episode, the RTRE cast discusses the start up costs and some inexpensive marketing techniques for new agents. Visit us at for more information.