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RTRE 82 – Dan Noma from iReal Estate Pro

Today we’re joined by Dan Noma from Venture Real Estate & Investment and Founder of iReal Estate Pro. Dan joins us on reThink Real Estate to discuss how the iBuyer is impacting the real estate space and how people can position themselves to capitalize on it. Dan transacted over 3000 properties for large corporations, hedge…
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RTRE 80 – Peter Schravemade with

Today we’re joined by the international evangelist for, Peter Schravemade. Peter shares some great ideas for improving the marketing quality of the homes we advertise for sale. Tune in today to hear some sage advice for how real estate agents can improve their marketing strategies.

RTRE 78 – Nate met Gary Vee, Let’s Talk Content

Nathan got a chance to see Gary Lee speak, so tune in today to hear what all the hype is about with content. We talk about why content is king along with what we’re doing to add more to our businesses. Tune in to talk studios, videos, documenting the journey and the tools you need…
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RTRE 76 – Social Media with Online Presence Expert Italina Kirknis

It’s not often that real estate pros get the inside scoop from a social media pro, so we were very lucky to speak with Italina Kirknis this week. Italina is an online presence expert and shared with us some great advice for getting social media right. Italina shares with us the important places to be…
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RTRE 72 – Marketing Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Tune in to hear Nate and Chris talk about a major uproar that a real estate team dealt with after their viral marketing video went sideways with the public. They analyze what went wrong and discuss what can be done to minimize these mistakes in our daily businesses.

RTRE 66 – The Importance of Appearance in Real Estate

Download this Episode How important is it to appear successful in real estate? Today we discuss if cars and clothes matter as much as you might think.

RTRE 64 – Get Off My Lawn: A Guide to Modern Marketing in Real Estate

Download this Episode On today’s episode, we talk about the shiny object, ways to build your business and modern marketing. Please leave us a review and subscribe for more! reThink Real Estate Podcast Transcription Audio length 24:20 RTRE 64 – Get Off My Lawn: A Guide to Modern Marketing in Real Estate [music] [Chris] Welcome…
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RTRE 61 – To Stage or Not To Stage

Download this Episode That is the question. Well, at least for this episode. Join us as we talk about when we feel the reward will justify the cost. Then hang out while we talk about running open houses.

RTRE 53 – How Body Language Can Improve Your Real Estate Business

Download this Episode Body language is one of the most important tools in your arsenal to build a rapport with your clients. Today we discuss how much more important your body language is to your clients than your words and your tone. We discuss the ins and outs of the handshake, when to avoid closing…
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RTRE 52 – Keeping a Successful Mindset in Real Estate

Keeping a positive outlook while building a business is not always the easiest. Today we talk about the tips and tricks we use to keep our minds focused and free from distraction and negative thoughts. Real Estate Podcast Transcript Audio length 28:12 RTRE 52 – Keeping a Successful Mindset in Real Estate [music] [Chris] Welcome…
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