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RTRE 73 – How to Make the Real Estate Rollercoaster Relax a Bit

We’ve all ridden it. The up and down rollercoaster that is required when building a business. Some days are higher than high and others are lower than low. Imaginns stretching your shoestring budget for months until your 10k commission is set to close only to find out that the Buyer financed a surgery the day…
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RTRE 72 – Marketing Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Tune in to hear Nate and Chris talk about a major uproar that a real estate team dealt with after their viral marketing video went sideways with the public. They analyze what went wrong and discuss what can be done to minimize these mistakes in our daily businesses.

RTRE 71 – Dealing with Rejection

Rejection is a natural part of building a businenss from scratch. Join us on today’s episode as Christian and Chris discuss how they deal with rejection and stay focused on their businesses.

RTRE 70 – Prospecting for Real Estate Agents

Subscribe to catch every episode of re:Think Real Estate on Apple Podcasts. On today’s episode we’re talking prospecting. The discussion is all about what we like and what works. Join the discussion on facebook.

RTRE 69 – Are Real Estate Conferenc​e​s Worth It?

With Inman Connect around the corner, the guys at RTRE discuss their experiences with their first real estate conferences. Have a listen and let us know what your favorite real estate conference is.

RTRE 68 – Rob Hahn on Shifting Market Trends

Rob Hahn joins reThink Real Estate today to tell us about the shift in the real estate industry. Rob is the mastermind behind Notorious Rob, co-founder of 7DS Associates and one of Inman’s 100 Most Influential People. Listen in to hear about the iBuyer invasion and the future of the real estate brokerage.

RTRE 67 – Good Things in Real Estate

Download this Episode Join us as we talk about some great things we’re seeing from some cool people.

RTRE 66 – The Importance of Appearance in Real Estate

Download this Episode How important is it to appear successful in real estate? Today we discuss if cars and clothes matter as much as you might think.

RTRE 65 – How Can Brokers Provide Value?

Download this Episode Today Nathan hits us with a surprise topic of how real estate brokers can stay valuable with small margins and high demands.

RTRE 64 – Get Off My Lawn: A Guide to Modern Marketing in Real Estate

Download this Episode On today’s episode, we talk about the shiny object, ways to build your business and modern marketing. Please leave us a review and subscribe for more! reThink Real Estate Podcast Transcription Audio length 24:20 RTRE 64 – Get Off My Lawn: A Guide to Modern Marketing in Real Estate [music] [Chris] Welcome…
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