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S1 Ep 29: Rick Guerrero on Adding Value as a Lender

Download this Episode Rick Guerrero is the Director of Sales for US Mortgage. Today he shares some tips for building a valuable relationship between mortgage lenders and real estate agents. Tune in to hear how F.O.R.D. has helped Rick’s team become some of the best names in the Atlanta mortgage market.  Contact Rick: Learn more…
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S1 Ep 28: Stacy Stateham on Building a Vision

Download this Episode Today we’re joined by Stacy Stateham from Bloomtree Realty in Prescott, AZ. Stacy is the co-founder and EVP of Marketing and Branding. Tune in as we get some major insight on what works and what doesn’t in today’s brokerage environment.   Learn more about the cast of RTRE by following us! Chris Lazarus…
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S1 Ep 27: Do the Work and Talk to Your Clients

Download This EpisodeOn today’s episode, we reconnect with how we should be operating our businesses. Nathan shares his insight on how he’s building his business as a real estate agent in Ohio, Christian hits home with some rock solid advice, and Chris shares his displeasure with agents that avoid speaking with their clients. Learn more about…
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S1 Ep 26: Real Estate and Shopping Carts with Kellen Hoskins

Download This Episode On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Kellen Hoskins of Bloomtree Realty in Prescott, AZ. Tune in to learn more about the Rowdy Real Estate Agent has grown his business after just two years

S1 Ep 25: NAR’s 2018 Member Profile Breakdown

Rethink Real Estate Podcast Transcription Audio length 21:54 RTRE 37 –  NAR’s 2018 Member Profile Breakdown [music] [Chris] Welcome to re:Think Real Estate, your educational and hopefully entertaining source for all things real estate, business, news and tech.  [Christian]: I am Christian Harris in Seattle, Washington. [Nathan]: Hi, I am Nathan White in Columbus, Ohio.…
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S1 Ep 24: Upping the Client Experience with Jay O’Brien and Jeff Jackel from

On today’s episode of RTRE we’re joined by Jay O’Brien and Jeff Jackel from to discuss how increasing the level of service can reduce your prospecting budget down to zero. Focusing on client experience leads to better and more frequent referrals. Tune in to learn how to implement this in your own business.

S1 Ep23: Colin Cameron

<enclosure url=”″ length=”59401364″ type=”audio/mpeg” /> Join us as we hear from Colin Cameron from Hanover, PA. Cameron specializes in building relationships with his audience by using video on a weekly basis. Colin is also the co-founder of the RE TV facebook group. Follow Collin: Learn more about us: Chris Lazarus – Nathan White…
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S1 Ep 22: Recapping Inman Connect

We’re back from the Inman Connect conference in San Francisco. Today we’re talking about what we learned and what the industry is facing. Learn More: Chris Lazarus – Christian Harris – Nathan White – reThink Real Estate Podcast Transcript Audio length 36:00 RTRE 22 – Recapping Inman Connect [music] [Chris] Welcome to…
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S1 Ep21: First Time Home Buyers Aren’t Buying

On today’s episode, Christian and Chris discuss recent news from that claims first-time home buyers are postponing the home buying experience. Today we discuss the potential future implications of delayed ownership. Sources: Younger generation can’t afford to buy a home Learn More: Chris Lazarus – Christian Harris – Nathan White –…
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S1 Ep 20: Tim Macy on Video Marketing in Real Estate

Today on RTRE we’re joined by Tim Macy, founder of the RE TV facebook group and agent with EXP Realty. Tim shares some best practices for using video to transform your business. Follow the Tim Macy Show at Learn more about Chris at Learn more about Christian at Learn More about Nathan at