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RTRE 82 – Dan Noma from iReal Estate Pro

Today we’re joined by Dan Noma from Venture Real Estate & Investment and Founder of iReal Estate Pro. Dan joins us on reThink Real Estate to discuss how the iBuyer is impacting the real estate space and how people can position themselves to capitalize on it. Dan transacted over 3000 properties for large corporations, hedge…
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RTRE 79 – Publicly Displaying Commissions to Consumers

Some MLS systems are now including the advertised compensation to a buyer’s agent in the public facing data. This has a lot of agents scared, so today we’re talking through the changes and discussing transparency in real estate. Tune in to this weeks real estate podcast to hear about how we can deal with increasing…
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RTRE 68 – Rob Hahn on Shifting Market Trends

Rob Hahn joins reThink Real Estate today to tell us about the shift in the real estate industry. Rob is the mastermind behind Notorious Rob, co-founder of 7DS Associates and one of Inman’s 100 Most Influential People. Listen in to hear about the iBuyer invasion and the future of the real estate brokerage.

RTRE 59 – Fighting the Commoditization of Real Estate

Download this Episode Join today’s discussion about how we can compete against a barrage of pressures affecting the real estate industry. We discuss where to focus attention and how to back a value proposition. reThink Real Estate Podcast Transcription Audio length 33:09 RTRE 59 – Fighting the Commoditization of Real Estate [music] [Chris] Welcome to…
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RTRE 46 – What is a Client Centric Brokerage?

There’s been lots of industry chatter about the difference between running an agent-centric brokerage vs. a client-centric brokerage. Today we break down the article written by Erica Ramus for Inman News. We spend time clarifying the difference between the two philosophies and share insight into how our businesses are run. Tell us what you think…
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RTRE 45 – 2019 Predictions for the Real Estate Market

Download this Episode Welcome back for another episode of re:Think Real Estate. On today’s episode, we reach back to our second episode to review our predictions for the real estate market in 2018. We discuss where we were really right and where we were less right! We also talk about our predictions for the 2019…
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RTRE 42 – Pivot, PIVOT!

Download this Episode Join us for a great episode about changing direction with your business. Today we discuss how to reevaluate a time-line as we get mroe experienced with our businesses. Christian discusses the move to becoming a non-producing broker and how to pivot to ajdust the profitability of the company.  reThink Real Estate Podcast Transcription…
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S1 Ep 25: NAR’s 2018 Member Profile Breakdown

Rethink Real Estate Podcast Transcription Audio length 21:54 RTRE 37 –  NAR’s 2018 Member Profile Breakdown [music] [Chris] Welcome to re:Think Real Estate, your educational and hopefully entertaining source for all things real estate, business, news and tech.  [Christian]: I am Christian Harris in Seattle, Washington. [Nathan]: Hi, I am Nathan White in Columbus, Ohio.…
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S1 Ep 22: Recapping Inman Connect

We’re back from the Inman Connect conference in San Francisco. Today we’re talking about what we learned and what the industry is facing. Learn More: Chris Lazarus – Christian Harris – Nathan White – reThink Real Estate Podcast Transcript Audio length 36:00 RTRE 22 – Recapping Inman Connect [music] [Chris] Welcome to…
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S1 Ep21: First Time Home Buyers Aren’t Buying

On today’s episode, Christian and Chris discuss recent news from that claims first-time home buyers are postponing the home buying experience. Today we discuss the potential future implications of delayed ownership. Sources: Younger generation can’t afford to buy a home Learn More: Chris Lazarus – Christian Harris – Nathan White –…
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