RTRE 38 – Happy Thanksgiving

Today on RTRE we take a few minutes to share the things we’re thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at re:Think Real Estate. We’ll talk to you next week!


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RTRE 38 – Happy Thanksgiving 

[music] [Chris] Welcome to re:Think Real Estate, your educational and hopefully entertaining source for all things real estate, business, news and tech. 

[Christian]: I am Christian Harris in Seattle, Washington.

[Nathan]: Hi, I am Nathan White in Columbus, Ohio.

[Chris]: And I am Chris Lazarus in Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks for tuning in. 

[music] [Chris]: Hey everybody and welcome back to re:Think Real Estate.  I am Chris Lazarus here with Nathan White and Christian Harris. We’re so happy that you’re here with us today. Back from a little bit of a hiatus. Guys what is happening?

[Christian]: Not much. No it’s not true. A lot of stuff is going on.

[Chris]: Yeah a lot of stuff is going on?

[Christian]: Yeah.

[Nathan]: Hey guys. I am excited to be here recording. And ironically enough I got a phone call right when we started this but it is for somebody that I want to have on the show that I think will be awesome. I won’t talk about it now. But I am pretty sure that she will probably agree to be on the show since we are pretty awesome. So…I am gonna leave it there and then right now. So I will be right back. You guys get rolling.

[Chris]: [laughter] Alright. Well we wanted to do something special for our audience this week mainly because this is our first year as a podcast and this is episode 38 and we wanted to thank you. So for thanksgiving which is coming up in a few days we just wanted to share some of the things that we are grateful for mainly including you our audience and how our lives have changed this year so far. 

So Christian? Nate is on a phone call so why don’t you go ahead and take the roll? What has been something that has happened to you this year that you are thankful for?

[Christian]: yeah thanks for putting me on the spot you know just heard that this was gonna be our topic a couple of minutes ago so I haven’t had a lot of time to reflect. But I would say if I had…there was a theme that I had to be grateful for this year I would say community. Now that is obviously kind of vague you know and ethereal, whatever, but I would say specifically the real estate community as far as you know the brokerage here in West Seattle. I would say you know the re:Think Real Estate podcast community. That’s growing. And getting on. You know more guests and kind of get the word out there. 

I would say on a personal note community when it comes to our family. You know we haven’t really talked about this on the show but we’re having some challenges with our 7 year old son and just kind of the community you know of friends that have come around with that. Yeah I mean so I would say community is really what I am grateful for in the various forms and circles that applies to my life.

[Chris]: Awesome and Nate. So we’re thanking out audience. We’re sharing just I know this is gonna be a short podcast for this week because everybody is off on thanksgiving. But what is something that you’re thankful for this year that has impacted either your business or your personal life or both?

[Nathan]: Oh God I mean we could have like hours of what I am thankful for ironically enough. You know I am thankful we’re, you know, 30 episodes deep into this. It’s been awesome. It’s been fun. I have got some feedback. I know people listen to it because I have talked to some agents here in town. And they find what we talk about insightful. Impactful. I know we have an impact on others so that’s cool. It feels good too let’s be honest when someone says “Hey I listened and it was spot on and I liked what you guys had to say”. 

I am thankful that my business is still going well. You know I continually challenge myself to make sure that I can keep that moving forward. And last year I did well. I did well this year. So as much as I am grateful I kind of want to be that quarterback who threw in reception. I want to have a short term memory because I want to be able to get into 2019 kind of with a clean slate and say “Hey even though I did well the past 2 years I have got to be a shark and move forward”. 

But I am grateful that you know it’s let to what it has led to. It had led to greater opportunities. It’s leading to more opportunities. Some bigger things that are down the pipeline. And you know what more than anything I am having fun so I think that’s important. So…Having a good time. I am enjoying the hell of what I am doing and I am doing what I want to do. So that’s probably what I am grateful more the most. Is that I get to do what I want to do.

[Chris]: I gotta agree with you there. So first of one of the things that I am grateful for is both of you Nate and Christian because it’s about a year…oh yeah it’s about almost a year ago today. It was just after thanksgiving last year when I reached out to both of you because I had no idea what I was doing with the podcast. And I knew Christian had one and I am like “hey guys do you want to do a podcast?”. And you’re like “What’s it about?”. And I’m like “No idea”. “Yeah we’re in”. 

And then, you know, we worked through really the whole of December kind of planning it out and getting it set up and getting some content rolling and then launched it at the end of February, early March. So first off I am thankful for all the work that you guys have put in. This has been just a random idea that you guys bought into and I am so happy to have you guys on as my co-host with this. I am having a lot of fun. 

Secondly I am thankful for my agents. I am thankful for having people that believe in what I do from a leadership perspective and the message that I have for them and helping them to grow their careers and I am thankful that we make an impact whether that be in somebody who is just listening and getting an idea that is gonna take them to the next level or inspiring somebody. 

We’ve had several…I have had several messages throughout the year that either my message has been spot on or they loved what you guys have said. Or our guests that have been fantastic. We have had amazing guests on the podcast this year. And I can’t wait to see what we’re able to pull out of our hat in 2019. I mean it’s gonna be a lot of fun but mainly I am thankful for the opportunity for it. 

So…so thank you to everybody for an amazing year. We hope that you all have a very happy Thanksgiving and we will see you after the holiday. This has been another episode or re:Think Real Estate. Make sure you check us out on our website www.rtrepodcast.com where you can go and can subscribe for email updates and you will get alerted every week when a new episode is published. Thanks so much for tuning in. We’ll see you next week. 


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