RTRE 41: Maribel Ramos from Homeless to Home Expert

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Maribel Ramos is a true rags-to-riches story. One of our most inspiring guests to date, Maribel joins us to talk about the hardships she’s overcome and how she was able to sell $18M in her first two years in real estate. Today Maribel is the Official Spokes Person of the Empowering Latinas Program for the CENTURY 21® System and the International Business Women Ambassador for the CENTURY 21® System.

Maribel Ramos

You can learn more about Maribel at myrealestatezone.com or follow her on IG: @Myrealestatezone and on FB: Maribel Ramos – REALTOR at Century 21 Mike Bowman, Inc.

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RTRE 41 – Maribel Ramos from Homeless to Home Expert

[music] [Chris] Welcome to re:Think Real Estate, your educational and hopefully entertaining source for all things real estate, business, news and tech. 

[Christian]: I am Christian Harris in Seattle, Washington.

[Nathan]: Hi, I am Nathan White in Columbus, Ohio.

[Chris]: And I am Chris Lazarus in Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks for tuning in. 

[music] [Chris]: Hey everybody and welcome to re:Think Real Estate. I am Chris Lazarus here with Christian Harris. Nate couldn’t join us today but we have a spectacular guest to tell her story today. I am happy to say that we’re joined by Maribel Ramos. With Century 21 Mike Bowman she is the official spoke person of the empowering Latinas program for Century 21. And an international business woman ambassador for the Century 21 system. Maribel, Christian thanks for joining. How are we doing today?

[Maribel]: Hi thank you so much having me. I am very excited to be here. I am great.

[Chris]: Awesome. Christian what’s up man?

[Christian]: Hey I am just excited to hear a little bit more about Maribel’s story so…

[Chris]: I think we all are. Maribel you had an article come out on Inman. It just scratched the surface after we’re talking it really just scratched the surface of what you’ve been through. Why don’t you tell our listeners your story?

[Maribel]: Sure. Well I am gonna start…I am not gonna start right there. I am gonna start telling where I am coming from so you can understand a little bit more. And because I didn’t tell the whole story. I told half of the story. So let me just share with that.

 So I am just gonna start with I was born and raised in Mexico. I came to the US when I was about 14 years old. Just a few months before I was gonna turn 15. I went to school at that time. My dream was to be a professional basketball player and play in the women NBA. So I started playing for the USA international back in 2000 and I was probably in the US and I was working as a [inaudible]. 

I had to stop playing because at a short age I was pregnant with my first child. I have 2. And I had her at the age of 16. [laughter] Right after that, the reason why I mentioned that is because things haven’t been easy. I am a single mother and everything started I want to say since then. Since I came to this country. 

Right after that when I had my child she was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 4. She used to have probably 50 seizures a day, you name it. And she even…she was going to have brain surgery in 2 locations. Thankfully she didn’t. I am gonna…I am gonna tell you why all of this is related in a little bit. We’ll get there just be patient. 

OK so she was gonna have in 2 locations brain surgery. At that time our resources were very very low. I ended up living pretty much on the street. We lived in a car. I lived in a car with my kids for a few days until they found us a shelter. I lived in a shelter for about 2 months. At that time I was working at a bank. And with the help of a very kind family I was able to buy my first house right after coming out of the shelter. That’s when my real estate ambition really started. At that moment. When the real estate agent that helped me buy my house gave me the key and I just realized at that moment that I wanted to do that for the rest of my life. It was just so…I felt the joy when I received the keys from the real estate agent and I just wanted to do that for the people. 

About 7 years later everything was going great. But about 7 years later I had a car accident. I lost my car. I was injured. My daughter was gonna have another…She didn’t. She was gonna have a brain surgery. Thankfully she stopped having the seizures so she ended up not having the surgery. I was taking care of my mom and I lost my job and that’s when I was going through foreclosure. 

So I just felt like my life was you know down spiral [laughter]. Was going down. I was under foreclosure. I was incapacitated. I had lost my car. My…my job and everything else and I only had 60 days you know, to pretty much save my house. And I already knew what it was like to be homeless before and I was not gonna let that happen again especially when I was taking care of my 2 kids and my mother. I just needed to act and act fast.

[Chris]: Wow so that…from there you’re facing foreclosure. What did you do next?

[Maribel]: I reached out to…the bank that had my mortgage. Just because the reason why I was going to foreclosure it was because all the medical bills and you name, medication and things like that for my mum and my daughter. And I was really mad at the bank because they didn’t give me a solution and I thought “Hey it’s not because I don’t want to pay, I am struggling, I am going through this thing and I just…I wanna pay you guys but I need you to help me”. 

So I was really mad at the whole situation. I had worked you know in the bank industry for long time and I was you know all the savings that I had at that time were gone. So I just wanted to learn about real estate. I wanted to…I was so mad that I wanted to learn everything about real estate. You know how to save my house. I wanted to know how to save my house. I wanted to know how I can help others in the same situation you know save their house. 

And I started digging into real estate. I started going to seminars. I started going to…talking to different agents and things like that just to kind of become a little bit more knowledge into see where I needed to start. I wanted to start as an investor but I didn’t have any money and I didn’t know anything about real estate so I…I…I…the best decision at that time was “I need to become a real estate agent”. It’s the cheapest way to learn about real estate and hopefully save my house. Make some money to save my house and help other people. That’s what I started doing immediately. 

[Chris]: OK. So with…with little fund and facing foreclosure you decided to make the leap into real estate.

[Maribel]: Yeah.

[Chris]: What did that transition…Like how did that transition work because there is lots of people that come into real estate with their backs up against the wall. But a lot of people don’t make it. You know 90% of real estate agents don’t make it. After 5 years.

[Maribel]: Right.

[Chris]: And then out of those 13 that make it doesn’t mean they’re successful. It means that they’re just there. They’re still in it. So what did you do differently.

[Maribel]: Well you have to understand that I had already been at the bottom previously when I was…when I didn’t have a home and when I lived in the shelter with my kids. I couldn’t let the most valuable asset that I had at that time taken from someone especially because I was going through all this medical situation with my mother and my kid, my child. So I already knew what it was to be at the bottom. I wasn’t afraid anymore. I was just ready to learn and take control of my life because I was so tired to be…I was so tired of being sick and tired if you know what I mean.

[Chris]: Yeah. Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

[Maribel]: I was done. So I was already upside down. And what I told myself was might as well either sink or swim. If I don’t start doing something about it right now and start you know just complaining. If I didn’t start doing something it was gonna be taken away regardless. Right. But I knew to do something I had to try at least. And if it was taken away from me it wasn’t because I didn’t try it was because I did everything I could and even doing you know everything I could have done it was taken away and then I was gonna be OK with that. 

But I couldn’t be OK by just you know accepting the fact that they were gonna take my house away and I was never gonna do anything. So I started listening to motivational videos. That’s where I guess my mindset and everything started. Truly like…that’s where everything started.

[Chris]: Who was…What was your favorite motivational video like who is your favorite motivational speaker?

[Maribel]: Eric Thomas. It’s one of the favorites. I want to say he doesn’t know me. He was the person that pretty much carried me with the speeches that he gave or through YouTube obviously. Obviously I like Tony, Tony Robbins. Bic Fiddler [phonetics]. You name it. There is a lot of them. Good ones. But him was…he made a…he truly made a change in my life without even knowing me.

[Christian]: Now did you start listening to these…your motivational speeches after you got into real estate? Is that kind of what helped turn your mindset around?

[Maribel]: No before. That that actually…No I started listening to those videos before I got into real estate. Like I said I only had 60 days and I started listening to these videos like from day to night. I got so addicted to them and when I was listening to ET, Eric Thomas, I guess his…he came from where I came from. There was a video where he said you know “I was a homeless high school dropout business enact” and I was…that caught my attention because that was like “Are you talking about myself or are you talking about yourself?” Because that sounds so much like me. 

So that’s what really caught my attention. And then I started listening to him. And there was another video where he said something like “As long as there is breath under your nostril, as long as you can wake up in the morning there is still time and things are possible”. And when I heard that that was like actually he is so right and that is so true. I am gonna do everything I can at this very moment to become a real estate agent. 

And I started…I started with school. I started going to seminars. I wasn’t really sleepy. And I was pretty much on the computer, on my phone pretty much day and night because I didn’t have a lot of time and I needed to come up with an idea to…to come up with the money that I owned the bank. Because I didn’t have much time. And I did.

[Chris]: So tell us…tell us how you did that. How?

[Christian]: Yeah that’s pretty amazing.

[Chris]: Yeah. So from getting your license how…tell us about that first transaction and how that process went.

[Maribel]: OK. So with the help of my broker when he saw me…because I went to the interview with the recruiter and when she heard my story she was like “I am sorry you cannot work for us. Not because I don’t want you to work for us but because this is a tough business and you don’t have any savings and you have kids that you need to take care of so what I suggest is that you go back and get a job and come back and once you have some money saved”. 

And my response was, my reply back to her was “No you don’t understand. I have to succeed, I have no time, and I have kids and I have no money and I have no car and I have no food and I have nothing but a will and a desire to succeed.” And I was like that’s the reason why you should just give me the opportunity [laughter]. 

She said “I totally understand but this is a very expensive business and you have to go back and get a…you know save some money or something like that. Maybe if you have anything of value you might wanna save that because I don’t want to put you as a real estate agent…I don’t want to hire you as a real estate agent if…if you’re gonna fail. I want you to succeed and you know I am sorry I can’t do it”. 

So long story short I was going through the classes at the…there is a school where my brokerage is located. My broker saw me. At one of his business meetings that he has every week. And every week the school comes out to the meeting just to kind of understand a little bit more about real estate and I guess you know, get the feeling of what is it like to be a real estate agent. 

He approached me…and my broker approached me without me saying a word. And he said “I need you to work for me”. And I was like “I am sorry are you talking to me?” And he said “Yes I need you to work for me”. And I was like ”I am sorry who are you? You don’t even know me. What is it that you want me to do?”. And he’s like “You know I am actually the broker. I am the person in the company and I haven’t seen what I see in you in the last…” He has been in the business for 50 years or something like that. He said “In the last 40 years I haven’t seen what I see in you”. And I am like “Really…”. 

So I guess I don’t know what it was that he saw in my eyes or that he saw probably my passion something was coming out of you know that he told me “As soon as you finish you real estate course I need you to come back and see me”. So I was about to finish that week and I came back and saw him I was like “I finished my real estate course, I passed the test. I am here. Tell me how are we gonna do this because I have to tell you that the recruiter told me that I couldn’t work here”. 

And he said “Actually what I say here goes. I am the president of the company. And it doesn’t matter what anybody else said. If I say you are gonna work here and if you want to work here you will work here”. So I told him a little bit about you know the reason why I couldn’t work there at that moment. You know I was like “You know what I am gonna have to go and get a job and than come back and this and that”. 

And I will tell you the truth actually it wasn’t without his help that I was able to start. He pretty much supported me 100%. And he told me something very true “You’re gonna sell more than you will succeed but you will succeed in this business”. And I want this…Oh because I told him that I was gonna start as a part time and he said “I am sorry this is not for part time, real estate is for all full timer. This is not a part time job and I want you to run real estate. I don’t want you to let real estate run you. There is a lot of agents that come in this industry and make a lot of mistakes and I need you to prioritize what your case are on your calendar and then we’ll work around it. And if you’re gonna work here I will support you 100% and we’ll take care of your bills for 3 months. And I just need you to go and work”.

[Christian]: Wow so in a nutshell. You went to interview and they said no.

[Maribel]: Right.

[Christian]: You’re like “Well I am gonna get my license anyway”. And then the boss saw…

[Maribel]: Right.

[Christian]: Kind of your kick [censored] attitude and…

[Maribel]: Probably.

[Christian]: And recruited you and basically said “I know she doesn’t fit the mold but she’s gonna succeed I am gonna make sure of it”.

[Maribel]: Right.

[Christian]: That’s awesome. So…you were able to keep your house. You somehow miraculously got enough business in 60 days to be able to avoid foreclosure. Than…

[Maribel]: Right.

[Christian]: What did it look like after that? I mean how…How did you get to the place where you are in these roles with Century 21 and you know Inman article written about you and you’re obviously kicking [censored] and…

[Maribel]: Sure. Sure so how…what I started doing as soon as I jumped into business because somebody believed in me more than I believed in myself. And like I said I am gonna tell you again. I had 2 kids at home. I didn’t have any food in my fridge. I didn’t have any money. I was getting to…you know to Century 21 you know to the office because somebody else let me borrow their car. So I was going through all this. So I didn’t have time to waste. I couldn’t waste any time. 

So I went back to the investors that I met at the seminars that I was going to. I started going to the auction to get in front of more people. And I started advertising myself. I was telling pretty much everyone at the store. I was handing out business cards like crazy. I was just talking to everyone. And I am gonna tell you the truth. I was so…what’s the word that I am trying to find. I was so sure that I was going to succeed and I was so sure that the people were gonna give me the business. 

It was just like a…my mindset was so strong that I just didn’t believe in anyone telling me no. And I was just approaching anyone and everyone and any…if I went to a restaurant, if I went to the store I was knocking doors. I was calling first time owners. I was calling all my sphere. All the people that I knew. I was calling people on Facebook. So that’s how I was able to get into the business. I was listening to Grant Cardone and he said “If…if you want attention you need to make noise”. So that’s where I started doing. I started making a lot of noise for people to you know pay attention to me and give me the business.

[Christian]: Sure. Did it work out the way you expected to or did you end up getting business from unexpected avenues? I mean how did that flush out?

[Maribel]: You know what honestly it didn’t happen the way I expected to. I thought my family and close friends were going to support me thinking like “Hey you know me, you know me and you know my work ethic and I am sure you’re gonna give me the business”. Well actually no it didn’t happen that way. 

You know it’s tough but in some cases when you jump to a different industry people doubt you. And they’re like “Oh really now you’re gonna be a real estate agent, huh I wanna see that”. So what they did I feel like they spit down and they were just…they were just watching to see if I was gonna be able to make it or not. It wasn’t until 12 months after that I started getting business from my friends and family. Within the first year it was mainly from sell, buy, owners and people that I had never met before you know. Just new people.

[Chris]: So in your first year how many…on average how many hours do you think you were working a week?

[Maribel]: Well my first 3 months I was working…I wanna say 12-14 hours a day Monday through Sunday.

[Chris]: Not even taking Monday off.

[Maribel]: And then on my first 3 months…No within my first 3 months. And that’s the reason why feel like I had a lot of success within my first year because I knew that if I put the work the result was gonna come. And it is like when you go to the gym you know if you are consistent it’s gonna happen. You might not see your abs right away but it will happen. And I just knew that it was gonna happen and when it happened it was gonna be like a domino effect. And that’s exactly what happened. I just knew I was patient and I was working. I knew it was gonna happen and it did. 

[Chris]: That’s fantastic. So how many years have you been a full time real estate agent right now? 

[Maribel]: I have been in the business for 2 and a half years.

[Chris]: 2 and a half. And how much…what is your sales volume so far?

[Maribel]: About 20. It’s actually 18 million. 

[Chris]: 18 million. For this year or total?

[Maribel]: Total, total. 

[Chris]: So 18million in 2 years. That is incredible for anyone.

[Christian]: Especially as a…I mean it’s pretty incredible even for a veteran agent I mean [laughter].

[Chris]: I mean most agents who have been in this for decades are not doing those numbers. So…let’s…let’s kind of shift gears for a little bit now that we know your story. 

[Maribel]: Sure.

[Chris]: What does your daily schedule look like now that you’re running a business that is selling about 9 million a year?

[Maribel]: OK. So pretty much what I do…My day starts at night not actually in the morning. Everything starts with preparation. So what I do is I look my calendar to see what I have the next day planned. I write down a few, a few things that I gotta do. Prioritize. What is it that I gotta do first thing in the morning. If I have to do anything like that. And then next day when the day arrives I normally wake up around 4 a.m. I either meditate or use the silence for gratitude. I go to the gym. Normally at the gym at 5 a.m. Come back home. Cook for my kids breakfast. Have breakfast with them. Drop them off at school. 

Go ty my office and then I dedicate from 9, from 9 to 12, sometimes a little bit before that, 11 or so unless something happens. What I do is I call. I make calls. I either call for sell, buy, owners. I call expires. I call my sphere of influence. I call my past client. I will be calling during those hours from Monday til’ Friday. I am sorry. Not on Tuesday because I have a lot of meetings on Tuesdays [laughter].

[Chris]: So 4 days a week you are calling for at least 3 hours a day. 2-3 hours a day.

[Maribel]: 3 hours a day. That’s correct.

[Chris]: That’s awesome. 

[Maribel]: And…And right and after that you know I try I really try to stop working around 6 o’clock, 5, 6 when I have to pick up my kids. But sometimes I have to pick them up, drop them off. Have dinner come back to work and you know some days are a little bit longer but I do try to you know finish working with them between 5 and 6. I usually have a listing appointment or any type of appointments between 1 and 3. Normally those are my appointment hours. Like 1 or 3.

[Christian]: So you say the majority of your business right now comes from those phone calls for sell, buy, owners or is there any other avenues?

[Maribel]: No right now, right now it’s referrals and obviously the calls that I make also from social media. At the beginning when I started it was pretty much for sell, buy, owners, me door knocking and calling people. It was just strangers doing business with me. But now this year is a little bit of everything. I want to say a lot of referrals. I do get a lot of referrals. 

[Christian]: That’s awesome I mean it sounds like the story of your success is really…I don’t want to say classic because it’s really outside the box. But there is definitely some themes that I see that are common which is you know you had to have a support system around you, you know, whether that is the encouraging messages you listen to, a broker that believed in you more than you believed in yourself. Gave you a chance.

[Maribel]: Right.

[Christian]: You know, and then just hard work. I mean hard work trumps everything.

[Maribel]: Honestly hard work, hard work and it took me awhile to get discipline. Every now and then you know you get side tracked because this business is not as easy as it looks. You know like you just go and show a property. No it’s not [laughter]. You deal with different people. Different personalities. 

If you are not a discipline and if you don’t have a structured endured day, this business might…you might run out of business. And why I say that because there is a lot of distraction. Your phone is the number one distraction. You know there is social media and everything in it. If you don’t have an actual schedule that you…and I am gonna emphasize on this. 

If you don’t have a schedule that you actually respect and do, and I say that because at the beginning I would put things in my schedule and end up not doing it. But if…but now if it is on my schedule I am gonna do it. But if you don’t have a structure you know you’re gonna run out of business very easily because there is the lender that wants to take you out for coffee, the tidal company that wants to be by you. There is all these different you know people that yeah they want your business but they don’t let you do business. [laughter] [Christian]: Yeah if you’re ineffective in this industry spending your wheels even if you work 14 hours a day.

[Maribel]: Right.

[Christian]: So I mean you are speaking my language but no one has been born disciplined. Right. At what point in your business did you realize you need to be more disciplined and how does that work? That is usually from what I hear what everyone kind of struggles right. So “I know I need to be disciplined and time block but it is so hard to not be distracted”. What is your secret?

[Maribel]: I put my phone from disturb, no disturb. And I log out from social media. And also I have a phone in my office so I try to use the phone in my office and hide my phone. Either put it in my purse or turn it off or anything like that.

[Christian]: Smart.

[Maribel]: That’s just one but whenever you…when you start doing these things they just become your new you. Your normal. It’s hard at the beginning but once you do it for so long it is engrained within you. It’s already you. So you know that you’re not gonna look at your phone, that you’re not gonna do these things. That you’re not gonna do all that. 

And honestly I am gonna tell you when I started in this business what I wanted is I wanted a business. I wanted to start a business that I could retire form and sell like a portfolio when I decide to retire. And that’s the reason…You know actually I am very thankful that my previous background was banking because it kept the same structure. 

And I was like “I am gonna show up the same way”. If I showed up to work at the bank you know it was from 7 to 7. I am gonna come to work. I think one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people do when they work for themselves is that they don’t really work as hard as they should. They work really hard for somebody else but not for themselves. And when you are effective in your time because time is money we all know that. But when you are effective with your time and you know how much your time is worth you try not to waste it. That’s just my…my take on that.

[Christian]: Yeah and I think you’re absolutely right. Most people treat it like a hobby like “I have got 8 hours to do whatever” as opposed to…

[Maribel]: And you know what is funny. I don’t know what…I don’t know where I read this but it’s true. A lot of people do in 3 hours what it takes them to do in 8 hours. So in other words you’re only very effective between 2 to 3 hours or 2 to 4 I don’t know what the you know…Let’s say 2 to 4. You’re only effective between 2 and 4 hours but it takes you 8 hours to get it done. 

So when I read that I don’t remember where I read it. When I read that I was like…I analyzed it and I was like “Actually that is so true. So what I am gonna do is I am just gonna be effective and work as effective as I can”. Because remember I have kids, they have volleyball, they have basketball, they have dance, they have this, they have that. I get pulled in so many directions that if I am not effective when I decide to work my business can go to hell. 

And a friend of mine told me when I started the business…he’s very wealthy. And he told me “You need to build your new foundation.” You know your foundation was very low. Let’s say your foundation…Let’s talk about money, Your foundation was 0. You know you were so used to not have anything that it was your new you. Right? That was your old you. Now you need to build your new you. What is your new you. If your new you is you want to know what it is like to have 100.000 dollars or make 100.000 well than it needs to be your new foundation. So when you come down you don’t go all the way down to the floor let’s put it that way. So…and I am very excited to say that or to share with you that within my first year I was able to make 6 figures. You know I already passed that.

[Christian]: Good for you.

[Maribel]: And you know we’re in December but yeah and I am excited about that. So that to me is my new you. There is no way…I don’t see myself making any less than that in the coming year.

[Christian]: Sure.

[Maribel]: Because he told me you know “You have to build your new foundation”. And your new foundation is 100.000 you cannot go below that.

[Christian]: Yeah.

[Maribel]: Yeah and I don’t know that is just how I see it. I don’t know if it makes sense [laughter].

[Christian]: Yeah I think you’re absolutely right. I mean you can’t go back to…you know talking about your focus. I think you’re actually right. I am a big believer that it’s all about the intensity of your focus and your work not how long you work. You know you can get as much done in an hour if you’re intensively focused and not distracted as you can and I mean in an 8-hour day.

[Maribel]: Yeah true.

[Chris]: Yeah it’s like Gold fishing right. You’re gonna fill up the time in bowl and if you got like 3 things that you’re gonna get done that day than you’re gonna take 8 hours to do it. But for people like you and Christian you know we’ve got a lot of things to accomplish every single day so that’s extremely hard and kudos to you because that is just outstanding.

[Christian]: Yeah.

[Maribel]: Right.

[Christian]: Yeah that is awesome. So we’ve heard you know where you came from. How you avoided foreclosure, how you run your business. Maybe you could touch on for a second kind of how you got into some of the roles at Century 21 that you are in. Now that is…what does that look like?

[Maribel]: OK sure. Actually my broker he is…I don’t know he is maybe 80-year-old or so. And I say that because he is such a sweetheart. He is very proud of my…of me. And he tells anyone he can. When he comes across anyone will tell them how good I am and how proud he is. You know because he knows where I started. Where I am coming from and where I am right now. And he knows that I have not even bloomed yet. You know that is how he calls it. And he’s like “And what you have not even bloomed”. [laughter]. You know and he…I guess he reached out to Century 21. I want to say the corporation. And my broker is very well known. 

[Chris]: Yeah Mike Donovan. He has been top 5, top 7, top 10 back in the 60 and 2010. That’s a big office you’re with. [crosstalk] [Maribel]: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. And I get to see him every day and I get to talk to him every day. So he reached out to someone. I don’t know who. And then I received a call on March last year. They wanted me to be in the panel for Latinas. It was called Multimillion Dollar Club for Latinas that were able to…I guess get this award. There is an award that is called Rubies award. And I was able to get that award within the first year. So they were looking for a Latina that was pretty much early on in the business that was successful. 

And obviously he recommended me. They reached out to me. They took me to the international conference that Century 21 has every year. And I went to the panel with other agents. 2 other agents from 1 from California, 1 from Miami. They’ve been in the business for so long. But they are being very successful. And I was there. 

They asked me a few personal questions. I didn’t know they were gonna ask me personal questions. So I started crying and I was just speaking from my heart and I guess they liked that. And when I started crying I didn’t realize that was good. Honestly in my opinion it was really bad because I couldn’t speak [laughter]. 

But…but I was able to communicate you know after when I was able to calm down and all that. And I guess they liked my story. They were very impressed with where I came from and where I was at that time. And later I don’t know I want to say a few months later, the reached out to me. Wanted me to represent them internationally in Texas as well with the Empowering Latinas program that they have. 

[Chris]: That is fantastic. Just your whole story is so inspiring. In dealing with your business and…actually so with being the spokesperson what is your role with them now? Being the official spoke person with Empowering Latinas but also as the international business woman ambassador for Century 21. What do you do in that role?

[Maribel]: OK on the international ambassador I haven’t done really much just yet. But pretty much every year when we have the international convention all the Latinos we kind of get together to brainstorm about how we can get business and do business outside of the country. Not just in our state or market but outside. And things like that. 

And I was also invited to be…to speak at a Century 21 that they’re gonna open in Argentina. So that’s…that hasn’t been confirmed and it was due to that. So I haven’t done much with the international side just yet other than brainstorming and having people in different parts of the world that we talk once a month and things like that. It’s like a…like a mindset group you know type of thing. 

[Chris]: Like a mastermind.

[Maribel]: Mastermind that’s what I mean [laughter].

[Chris]: Here you go.

[Maribel]: It is a master mind group that we have you know internationally. I don’t know exactly what I am gonna do with that I just know that I am gonna be speaking at several events that they have for Century 21. When they are in places like Argentina like Latin places I guess.

[Christian]: Nice. What…I love your story and your demeanor and everything. I am everyone loves to quote Rights Riches [phonetics] or whatever but I love just that you’re vulnerable and part of your story is being inspired by someone else who had a similar story and that it would have not come about if you just kept it you know cool professional and then tell about you know the suffering and the heartache which kind of drove you into real estate. 

So I mean I love that you’re vulnerable about that and shared that in hopes that that can speak to someone else who is either in real estate or wants or can see the value of what this industry can bring to someone’s personal or professional life. So…Keep it up.

[Maribel]: Right. So yeah. That is the reason…I am sorry that is actually the reason why I am sharing this story. It’s for people to know that “Hey we are all humans; we are coming from different backgrounds”. They might be going through you know different challenges in their life. We all struggle but you can make it. If you want it you can make it and everything starts in your mind. Really. 

And when you start working on your mindset that changes everything. Because you see things differently and what you saw as a problem you might now see it as a solution. And I think that is the reason why I actually share my story. Hopefully somebody can listen to it and they can benefit from that and be like “Hey is she did it I can actually do it myself”. 

[Christian]: So true.

[Chris]: Absolutely it is extremely inspiring. So Maribel what’s next?

[Maribel]: What is next? I am actually…I started doing commercial real estate because the people that I…I guess the clients that I had at the bank they are kind of pulling me in that direction. So I already closed my second transaction of commercial over 1 million or so which is awesome.

[Christian]: Yes.

[Maribel]: But it is a different animal. So the ultimate goal, my ultimate goal is invest at a high level. You know in resorts, hotels you name it. Might not be able to do that right away but that is also the reason why I jumped into commercial to learn a little bit more and also to help the clients that I was helping when I was in the banking industry. They are pulling me in that direction a lot of people. 

They own, you know, car washes, shopping centers, hotels, things like that so they’re just taking me in that direction and I am very interested in that. So I see myself in 2019 doing a lot more commercial. Still I am still gonna here in the residential side because I really really like it. And eventually investing at a high level myself. I already started investing you know, in single families here but you know that’s a start [laughter].

[Chris]: Good for you. So as we’re just wrapping this up Maribel I would love to give you the opportunity if you have any final thoughts and leave your contact information so if anybody wants to reach out they can find you.

[Maribel]: Sure well they can find me on Instagram as My Real Estate Zone. Or they can go to my website. It’s called myrealestatezone.com. Or by email at myrealestatezone1@gmail.com also my phone number. I can give it away 4694879393. 

[Chris]: Awesome Maribel thank you so much for joining us at re:Think Real Estate. I gotta admit that of all of our guests your story is definitely one of the most inspiring that we have had so far. And I am just so happy that you took the time out to join us today. So thank you for sharing your story with our audience.

[Maribel]: Thank you so much for the opportunity. 

[Chris]: You are welcome. Thank you so much. Everybody thank you for tuning in. This has been re:Think Real Estate. We will see you next week. 

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