RTRE 43 – Stop Wasting Time and Money

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Learn to stop wasting your time and money. Reign in your focus as a real estate professional and double down on things that will make you money in 2019.

Today we discuss where agents are making their mistakes. We share how agents can refocus their efforts on what they’re currently doing and how they can change their direction to make more of an impact in their business.

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RTRE 43 – Stop Wasting Time and Money

[music] [Chris] Welcome to re:Think Real Estate, your educational and hopefully entertaining source for all things real estate, business, news and tech. 

[Christian]: I am Christian Harris in Seattle, Washington.

[Nathan]: Hi, I am Nathan White in Columbus, Ohio.

[Chris]: And I am Chris Lazarus in Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks for tuning in. 

[music] [Chris]: Hey everybody and welcome back to re:Think Real Estate. I am Chris Lazarus here with Christian, Nate and this week we’re talking about shiny objects and things that real estate agents waste their money on.

[Christian]:  And time.

[Chris]:  And time. OK let’s do that again [laughter].I have run out of words today. Christian start us off man. What are agents wasting their time and money on?

[Christian]:  Hi. I think it depends on if you’re a brand new agent in the business or if you’re a veteran. If you’re brand new you should be focusing on sales. Spending much of money on IDX websites, waste on time and money. It…because it’s…everything that is expensive and doesn’t directly co-relate to new sales, new agents should not be doing. But I think it is very sexy when people say “Hey you need a website, you need this, you need that, you need to buy leads”. Don’t do any of that. 

Like that’s all maybe once you built up your business and you have the experience to be able to convert leads maybe you can do that but I think initially it should be a lot of new tech network, thinks that are cheap and easy and free which is gonna be social media profiles, you’re getting out to you know community events, reaching up to people you know already via email, phone calls, that kind of thing. Those are several in one but the first thing I am thinking of is like a website or something that people tell you need to do but probably isn’t the best use of your time or money to get sales now. Thinking of business now.

[Chris]:  So I am gonna agree and disagree with you at the same time. 

[Nathan]:  Well you’re wrong.

[Chris]:  [laughter] I don’t know about all that. So I think you’re right for most agents. You know if somebody comes in and they just buy a website and do nothing with it, right. It’s a waste of money. If somebody is gonna come in and run as part of building that business, if they’re coming in as a new agent or even an experienced agent, if you’re doing the right way, you have landing pages, you’re going out doing ads, lead capture…

[Christian]:  No agent does that unless they’re coming from a professional marketing background no agent is gonna do that.

[Chris]:  People do that. People do that. I try…

[Christian]:  Maybe one person. Maybe one person that has an actual conversion rate on their website that is a brand new agent spend money on that.

[Chris]:  They’re not brand new agents.

[Christian]:  Well there you go. I said as a brand new agent. If you’re experienced and you’ve got some runway to go OK that’s a project that you can work on and you have some money to spend but that’s not gonna get you business in your first year. 

[Chris]:  Yeah and that’s why I am agreeing and disagreeing.

[Christian]:  OK.

[Chris]:  Because the website could be, it can be a business hub, right? It is not something that you need right away but it can be an extremely well utilized source of revenue for agents if they do it right. It can also be a supporting piece for their marketing collateral that they create and they’re putting in front of people. So…But…

[Christian]:  Eventually yeah.

[Chris]:  But most agents in my experience, there was a time when I paid for 20 professionally done websites, gave them to 20 of my agents, one of them updated their bio. Like completely waste of money. So I agree with you for 99% of the agents. They never gonna use it. Whatever their profile is on the MLS is whatever they need. 

[Christian]:  Right. Well and I say that also understanding that even if you do a website and you’re doing all the right stuff I mean I think statistically it is like across you know the whole nation, it’s like 10% of business comes from people’s websites. And that’s in the high end. That’s if you’re killing it. That’s if you have actual quality SEO. And…

[Chris]:  Visitors [laughter].

[Christian]:  And marketing is good. And they’re actually doing everything right.

[Chris]:  Yeah.

[Christian]:  And most agents don’t do that.

[Chris]:  So instead of doing a website, instead of doing a website right off the back Christian what would you recommend they start with? 

[Christian]:  I say spend your time and energy getting your database together, so that you can set a mail chain for something similar and get in front of the people who already know they can trust you as opposed to trying to reach people that don’t know you from you know, Adam and it’s gonna be a much harder sale, much harder conversion. Take a longer, lumber longer you know to convert. 

So you know go for the low hanging fruit and you gotta let people know and that’s through social media, through mail chain, thorough that kind of stuff. And that’s all free. Cheap. And just requires some time.

[Chris]:  Absolutely.

[Christian]:  Because as you get busier your time is gonna become more value and you have less of it but you have more money. And you can switch 2 things that are gonna take more money to get set up and more of a long term marketing strategy.

[Chris]:  Oh yeah and I think instead of having a website right off the back you can create a Facebook business page and still have all of the lead capture features that a website is gonna give you if you just run Facebook lead ads.

[Christian]:  True story.

[Chris]:  And any conversion system is gonna have Facebook ads as part of that whether you push them to your website or your business page. That’s just a personal preference based off of what you have out there. So you can easily replace the website initially with a Facebook business page.

[Christian]:  True. 

[Chris]:  Gives you the stats, the insight, so all the analytics too once you get 100 followers. So definitely. Definitely.

[Christian]:  If you have a place to you know have your persona and drive traffic to.

[Chris]:  Nate what is one thing that you think real estate agents are wasting their time and money on?

[Nathan]:  They’re wasting their time on time. I don’t know if that makes sense but it makes a lot of it to me. Why? And what I mean by that is they don’t have the product. They don’t have any direction. They’re literally like that ship, that went out to the bay but it never reached the ocean. They don’t have a plan. They have not thought about what they’re doing. Right? I mean I know Chris you know what you have been doing lately. I know what I do. 

You know you wake up with a sense of purpose every day and we know the direction we’re going. I know the direction that my ship is pointing from when I get up at 4:45 in the morning. Versus you got all these other agents. I can’t tell you the [censored] callus time I have talked to somebody and I am  like “Hey what are you up to today? What are you up to today?”. And that’s another agent. And they’ll be like “Oh nothing”. And that is a common response. 

Well [censored]. Nothing yields nothing. You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out so stop wasting your time. Either do what you set up to do and…or at least develop a plan on how to do that and achieve it. I…you know…So stop wasting time. That’s what they’re doing. Wasting time. 

[Chris]:  Zero plan. Zero equals zero.

[Nathan]:  Yes I mean it’s you know it’s a zero sum game. Right you know it’s like when I was fat I didn’t just lose fat by doing nothing right? I had to go on and do something. I had to develop a plan. Well you’re not gonna go sell a [censored] house without a plan. I mean you might get lucky but you know you’re throw [censored] against the wall, it will stick. So…

[Chris]:  I thought that’s all real estate agents in the business. 

[Nathan]:  Yeah right I just…

[Chris]: They think they’re just gonna list it and sell their house. There…

[Nathan]:  Yeah right. So…

[Christian]:  Well I was gonna say the other side of the coin on that, you know like you wanna have a plan whether you’re new or realizing that your business is disorganized and you need something to give you direction. The other side of the coin to that is analysis, paralysis. Where you’re always waiting to your ducks in a row, you do too much planning and you think everything is perfect before you execute. You need to execute while you’re planning. Planning execute. It’s a cycle not like I have this done where I can now start getting business, you know. I commonly see that where they’re always planning and they always got something they have to do before they can actually get in front of their clients.

[Chris]:  For everyone who wants to learn more about business planning and how we do it go to our website rtrepodcast.com and check out episode 40 which is our 2019 business planning episode. So it’s a few weeks back.

[Nathan]:  Right. 

[Chris]:  But I gotta agree with you. People come into this and a lot…I think Bufenian [phonetics] company, on one of Brian Bufeny [phonetics] podcast. He said that they did a study. And in that study they tracked the time management of real estate agents that were working from home. And they found that on average like 0.5% of the time was spend on income generating activity. And here’s why. 

Because when you’re working from home for somebody who is not monitored, who has zero accountability in the activities that they’re supposed to do, when they get faced with getting the kids off to school, coming down, sitting down and then they look around and they’re like “I gotta vacuum”. So they vacuum and they sit down and they’re like “Gotta get the laundry going.” And they do that and they constantly find something to distract them from making calls. 

And I am not talking about expires or foosballs I am just talking about calling your sphere. Warm calling. Calling to let people know that you’re doing what you’re doing and trying to set appointments to get referrals. It doesn’t have to be cold calling. But nobody does it. So on average the income generating activities that are done by real estate agents that are not in an office, less than 1%. It’s ridiculous.

[Christian]:  Yeah and kind of going along that same, I am feeling a theme here of wasted unaccountable time. And one of the big ones, and this is a little tricky because really if you start off with your planning and your tensionality, time blocking, whatever tool you use to account for and manage your time so that like you know like a prior guest you know was talking about, it’s all your focus and intensity of focus not the amount of time you spend. So like there’s very real place for social media in your networking and connecting and getting the message out there. But you should be like “OK this is my 50 message off in a half hour and then turn off”. Don’t be on social media all day long because they will sap your productivity. I guess.

[Chris]:  Definitely.

[Nathan]:  Man this is yeah I agree with Christian here and common theme I guess where we’re going with this. But I am reading a book here now, by an author named Peter Changman [phonetics]. And it talks faster than normal, turbo charge your focus, productivity and success would be the secrets of an 88 charge de-brain ADX my brain right. So we’ll use me as an example. 

What have we talked about here in several episodes that I have yet to do and complete? My CRM right and get that updated. And I was struggling with that. And continue to struggle but finally started to get things done on it and I took it out of the book and figured how to get that done and for me what I had to do is set a deadline. You know I can have like you know Christian said I was the king of you know I plan on doing it, right. Write it on the list even but once I started putting deadlines on when I needed things done my…the way my brain worked at least was “Alright you gotta get it done and you got until this date to do it”. 

So for me that works and I think part of it is you know than you can get into further and say “What are those triggers?” And you have to figure out for yourself what works and I knew for me if I didn’t have a date I wasn’t gonna get it done. So when I do a lot of my planning now I do a put dates behind it because than I am working towards a completion date and it helps me stay on track for where I need to be. Therefore, I am not wasting my time. So…

[Christian]:  Yeah well you can take that to micro level and use an app or regular timer to say “Hey here is my hour to do this project and have it counted down. So it creates that artificial timeline that kind of forces you to focus. So…

[Chris]:  Sense of an urgency.

[Christian]:  Yeah exactly.

[Chris]:  Yeah.

[Nathan]:  Yeah you gotta know what those distractions are you know. I…you know like for me distractions are the lower but after I read the book, impressive how he wrote the book. He knew he wasn’t gonna get it done so he booked a round trips fly to China and back. And just [laughter] flew out, flew back and he got the book done. Than he got even more distracted right. You know you don’t have to go down the extreme but if that is what it takes, that’s what it takes.

[Chris]:  You know that is impressive I gotta say.

[Christian]:  Yeah.

[Chris]:  All right so one thing that I think agents are wasting their time on, and their effort and their money is spending time with vendors, spending time going out getting coffee with your title rap or your home warranty person or the lendors that are begging you for business. Taking those meetings as an agent is just a complete waste of time. What do you guys think?

[Christian]:  I, I tend to agree and I will take it one step further. Where there…I don’t know about you guys but I get inner dated you know I work my best to keep my email clean you know unsubscribe from everything that ends up in there. But I get inner dated with marketing people and you know LinkedIn connections and basically all these people that want to sell me something. 

And with my mentality I am like you know I have got stuff in place that works. I don’t need to perpetually be spending my time entertaining “Well maybe this is a little better, maybe this time title company that…” I have got people that unless we have a pinpoint that needs to be fixed you know like you said you’re wasting your time is taking out an hour ago meet with coffee with a new lender that you know is trying to sell you on you know their products over whoever someone else’s. 

You only have so much time in a day, don’t spend it entertaining meetings that aren’t going to…you know people are gonna try and ask you for your money.

[Nathan]:  I agree and disagree and I think this goes back to what Christian said earlier.  I think that is where you are in your business. If people are a new agents those relationships aren’t doing anything for you at the moment. Give them business and then you can nurture those relationships. If you’re an established agent than yeah taking those meetings, I do that all the time now but I am established. 

I took a gazillion of them when I was new. The thing was none of those helped me getting new business. Yeah.

[Christian]:  Yeah they’re not gonna lead to new business by themselves so…

[Nathan]:  Yeah yeah. Exactly.

[Chris]:  Yeah. This is one of the reasons why you know when we started doing team meetings and team training we made it clear that outside vendors were not coming in. Because with about 100 agents I have people calling me all the time wanting to get in our sales meetings. “Oh we’ll bring breakfast, we just want 15 minutes”. 

“I have my agents for an hour. I am not gonna waste 15 minutes of that hour letting you pitch them on something that they don’t need to be spending their money on. They don’t need to be buying a magazine. They can be doing other things to build their client base. They don’t need your website or shiny object or social media tools so that they can manage all.” 

Now granted when a lot of people do need those things but for the most part as new agents, people that are growing their business they don’t need that stuff. And when they do get up to the point where they need those meetings, those coffees with lenders and marketing people they’ve got money to spend and that’s fine. But off the back just it’s a complete waste of time. Just anything that is not getting you directly in front of a client or mailing it so that when you do get in front of a client you are polished and professional; and they want to do business with you, anything other than that not worth it. It’s a waste of time.

[Nathan]:  I got another one that you all are gonna disagree with me on that. But…

[Chris]:  I love disagreeing.

[Nathan]:  Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right. What are people wasting their time on? They are wasting their time on Facebook. 

[Chris]:  You’re wrong. [laughter] [Nathan]:  I…This [crosstalk] [censored] standing concept in what you’re trying to do, I use it as an example Chris. I watch X,Y because you stuck with it. You continue to do it. Then I see these others kind of one head wonders or they do it twice or 3 times, the content sucks. It’s got no purpose, no meaning behind it. Just stop. Like you know, 1-just quit. Find another angle but don’t be that guy or gal on Facebook if you would because it just gives me some stuff. It’s…put some thought. I have a great time but it causes a distraction for me watching your really horrible Facebook post. 

So get off Facebook if you’re not good at. It’s just another one of those things that if you’re a new agent and you’re on there going weekly as an agent I don’t know, it just doesn’t do anything for me. And there’s gonna be several people out there that I am you know they’re gonna say Facebook is the amazement of the world. I will say this and I will challenge anybody. 

I had a lender comment a week ago who said “Let’s get on Facebook” and I said no. I want to do what’s next and here is my belief in what’s next. And it’s already happening. Is an Instagram app. Why? I look at all the women in my neighborhood that my wife is friends with. And they got off of Facebook, took it off their phones. Have chosen to go to Instagram. And I have asked all of them why. And they said “You know why because there is no [censored] and complaining, there is no whining, theirs is no…” you know any of the negativity. So they have chosen to go to the Instagram realm and Facebook is a thing of the past. So what’s next? Maybe, maybe we are already seeing it.

[Chris]:  I think that Facebook is going to be around but the extent to which people use Facebook is way more than it needs to be. And I am so guilty of it. Over the last 7 days, 6 hours on Facebook, screen time.

[Christian]:  That’s disgusting.

[Chris]:  I hate this app. I hate the fact that my phone tells me, it judges me and says “This is what you’re going”. Now granted a lot of that, primarily most of that is work related, it’s keeping up what the conversation is amongst other brokers. It’s posting content with other brokers and it’s having conversation in those groups. I am not sitting there you know taking quizzes on what cats are. But it’s about an hour a day. That’s…

[Christian]:  You spend that much time on the toilet? That’s amazing. [laughter] Or is it just me? That’s where I spend most of my Facebook time.

[Chris]:  Well I’ve got 3 kids. So I am trying to you know you’ve gotta hide. [crosstalk] “Sorry, busy can’t come out [laughter]”. No it’s…but seriously look at your screen time people because I have and…

[Nathan]:  I just…I just did. I am actually proud of myself. 

[Chris]:  Yeah?

[Nathan]:  Yeah 3 hours in the last 7 days.

[Chris]:  Good for you. That’s half of the amount I have spent so I am working to spend less and less time doing that. Most of my time is spend mailing messages and then granted, in Instagram. So…But seriously doing that stuff like Facebook, the network, there is a ton of potential there. I would be lying if I said I never got business off of it. But the extent to which most of us use it is just way more than it needs to be. And even with Instagram. You put that much time in Instagram. How many pictures do you need to look at in a day? 

So back to, back to the topic at hand. What Christian…anything else? What things are real estate agents wasting their time or money on? What are…Because we spend a lot about time. What are agents wasting their money on? 

[Christian]:  I mean this one is kind of controversial but in general buying leads is a waste of time and money. Obviously it kind of depends where they are coming from and stuff but by in large you know I think it’s really expensive even if you have a perfect system in place. Otherwise it’s really low. The conversion is really low and takes a lot of time. 

You know I am more of an organic guy you know like if you…you know if you’re gonna built your business being totally based on someone else being able to turn on and off a funnel controlling the quality of those and where those are coming from I don’t think that is super sustainable. You know I know some teams here locally that like that’s their business. You know, and they spend you know, multiple you know 50-60 thousand in Zillow leads and they’re hurting because they’re conversion is low and their ROIs is even lower than it has been. 

Because of you know, Zillow kind of going through some of their figuring out you know what kind of lead services they’re gonna provide and you know and I think like you’re talking about with Instagram kind of being the new sexy and you know people going over there. Yeah there’s still place for Facebook but the market shifts, the user you know how people use Facebook or Instagram or Zillow that shifts based on the market, based on whether or not…yeah I mean it’s shifting you know. 10 years ago Zillow leads were a lot more valuable because there was a lot more people willing to give information out. Nowadays people just want the information but they don’t want to put the information out there. I mean like that’s…

I know from myself my ideal contract is not someone who is naïve enough “I want the information on this house I am going to give you my email and my phone number and my real name”. You’re not gonna do that. That’s stupid. You know, because they don’t want someone calling them because they’re not actually in the market buying a house and that’s you know 98% of leads who buy form realtor or Zillow is not a real lead. Is gonna be you know as Bufeny [phonetics] says “It’s not a lead, that’s you know a touchpoint when someone is going to the age”. That’s someone curious you know not someone who is ready to buy. So you’re gonna spend a lot of time sifting through that for one deal. Like it’s not usually worth it.

[Chris]:  It’s interesting that you bring that up because I have that same kind of thought process before we started doing some work with Zillow and now granted our business model is not run solely off of them but we are…we are a premiere broker with them. And for anybody you know in our audience if you’re interested in the premiere broker program just shoot me an email Christ@sellectrealty.com. Two “L”s in Sellect. I am happy to talk to you about it.

But there are solid numbers and after running it for 3 weeks now we’ve got 3 homes in the contract. Those are 3 properties that my agents would have not had otherwise. It’s additional revenue to the company. More than covers the cost of the lead generation that we’ve done.

[Christian]:  Does it cover your agents’ time they spend in converting them? I mean you’ve got the hard cost of leads but what are they doing? 8 hours a day…

[Chris]:  They’re not doing 8 hours a day. They’re at about an 11% and conversion rate. Well actually it’s higher than that. We’ve had…We’re probably running about a 13%  conversion at a premier broker program. We’ve had about 22 leads come in and 300 contract so far and 2 active buyers and 3 that are thinking about looking next year that are in conversation. So there’s…we’re doing it really well. We’re putting a lot of time and effort into planning how we’re gonna…How we have it set up.

[Christian]:  Sure.

[Chris]:  And there’s a lot of accountability in place with us and I think where people get tied up with lead generation and online lead providers is that accountability factor. There’s another agent friend of mine, he is with KW we both went to the knights of Columbus together. You know he, he would go up to spending 300.000 a year on it as long as the ROI is there. And he just closed 3 or 4 buyers this month or last month now. They were all Zillow leads and it’s giving him the ROI. 

So the…trick with doing Zillow leads or any other lead provider is making sure that you’re strategic about it. Trying to find areas that are gonna give you a higher ROI than maybe aiming for the most expensive neighborhood. Right. So there’s a lot that goes into it. But I do agree with you. It should not be your full business model. 80% of all deals in real estate are done through people’s individual networks and it should remain that way. But as a supplement tool, a way to help new agents grow their business or a way to help agents that are just coming in, if they do it right and they have the right training and the right tools it can be…

[Christian]:  If you’ve set up the right systems and accountability…

[Chris]:  It can be beneficial.

[Christian]:  You can make it work.

[Chris]:  That’s the trick. That is the trick 100%. If it’s done properly. The problem is most people don’t do it properly. 

[Christian]:  Right. Well the other problem is new agents come in and they’re told “Hey go do this.” You’re not gonna…as a new agent you’re gonna be out of money before you get your first conversion. 

[Chris]:  Right. I wish I could do a mic drop but it’s in the thing [laughter]. But yeah.

[Christian]:  You probably need big numbers for Zillow to be sending you, you know looking at the average numbers you’re talking 2% you’re talking you know 100 leads before you get one that converts.

[Chris]:  Yeah and that’s on row. The 100 leads on row. We’re not doing row. We’re in the premiere broker program so we have the concierge that is supporting us and helping us and we have…there’s the trainers and all sort of stuff. I probably would never have done premiere agent as a solo but as broker I think that the premiere broker program is excellent.

[Christian]:  Sure.

[Chris]:  And I have been very happy with it so far so…I will be an advocate and haven’t closed anything yet but again with 3 weeks in and we’ve got 300 contracts so if I…Hell if I average 1 closing a week off of this thing than I’m gonna be doubling down. Like…but so far we’re just kind of waiting to see. So yes and no. I am kind of in agreement but kind of not. Nate what do you think? You’re Redfin partner agent so you’re got a little different aspect.

[Nathan]:  Redfin partner agent, former Zillow premier agent. My ROI with the Zillow PA program was [censored] so I terminated it. Hopefully I am still a part of one of their small groups that operate, that they seek out agent advice in what direction they’re gonna take the premiere agent program on…I again prefer Redfin just because I play on the back end when I close a deal. It’s 30%. Again I don’t think it’s a bad deal. Again I think it depends on your situation. I am on a flat fee model so premiere works and it comes with it. But if you own a 70-30 split than a team split that’s probably not right for you. So…you know.

[Christian]:  So getting back on topic Nathan do you have any more rants with agents wasting their time and money on? 

[Nathan]:  Time Facebook. What else do they waste their time on? We waste our time on a lot of silly things. Again Travis Robertson talks about you know squirrel. We’re just distracted like that it doesn’t matter right. We’re always looking for the next best thing instead of just taking what we have and using that and giving it time to…allow it time to work for us. 

I think we’re all guilty of getting something and going 2 months later “Well that didn’t work”. Well months is not enough time to judge if something works or doesn’t work. You know we have talked about this forum and set it. When we started this podcast we said 100 episodes. Because we wouldn’t be able to judge anything in 30. But we’re just over that.

[Christian]:  I judge you guys all the time though. But…Oh that’s not what I am talking about.

[Nathan]:  That’s very true so again…

[Chris]:  We’ll see how long we make it Christian [laughter]. 

[Nathan]:  Stop wasting time. That’s my big one. It’s one I have struggled with. I still struggle with you know find things that work for you. And you know I heard you guys the last week we’re talking about…Oh Gosh what was it. Oh it hit me after we’re done recording this but I don’t know. Something I said in last week’s episode that I was not part of.

[Chris]:  Last week we were talking about Christian pivoting.

[Nathan]:  Oh right you I think Christian had mentioned something about sometimes when you take a break from something and you come back to it you look at it different, right? And so you may be able to find something that didn’t work before but works now. So again yeah you may have to pivot. Zillow didn’t work for me. When I go back to it if they change the structure probably maybe my attitude will be different. I don’t know. 

So just kind of parlor up what you talked about last week. Yeah sometimes you do have to pivot and you’ve got to shift and if not you got still in all. But I don’t know time is a big thing with me right now because I am still trying to understand how to manage my time the best and that’s between being a dad, being a husband and being a realtor and then wanting to do my own thing. So…Don’t get distracted by your own time. 

[Chris]:  Alright, well I think that we’ve kind of given a lot to rant about today in what we think is wasting time and money for agents in the real estate base. Guys before we wrap up for the day, any final thoughts for our audience?

[Christian]:  Nope [laughter].

[Nathan]:  Is this going out before the end of the year?

[Chris]:  This is going out before the end of the year.

[Nathan]:  Well than have an awesome rest of 2018. I hope everybody has already started to think about 2019. If you haven’t, than you need to get on it. But I hope that any of our listeners just an awesome holiday period. Great Christmas. Great New Year and just with a great close out to what has been a good year for all of us here and then I hope that everybody that listens and that I share this with that you have a great start of 2019.

[Christian]:  Word. Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

[Chris]:  Merry Christmas. Happy New year. This is gonna be our last episode for 2018. So we will see you bright and early in 2019. We hope that you have a very blessed Christmas, new year and hit the ground running as soon as we get back. Talk soon everybody. Have a great year. 

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