RTRE 44 – Think S.M.A.R.T. When Selling in 2019

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If you’re looking to step your game up for 2019, it’s time to think S.M.A.R.T. about your business this year.

Smart Technology in the house
Marketing the home properly
Add value to your clients and prospective buyers
Repair the obvious defects
Time the listing/marketing properly

Tune in to learn how S.M.A.R.T. marketing will help you succeed in 2019.

Real Estate Podcast Transcription

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RTRE 44 – Think S.M.A.R.T. When Selling in 2019

[music] [Chris] Welcome to re:Think Real Estate, your educational and hopefully entertaining source for all things real estate, business, news and tech. 

[Christian]: I am Christian Harris in Seattle, Washington.

[Nathan]: Hi, I am Nathan White in Columbus, Ohio.

[Chris]: And I am Chris Lazarus in Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks for tuning in. 

[music] [Chris]: Everybody and welcome to re:Think Real Estate. It is the first episode of 2019 and we’re back. I guess this is kind of season 2. Not really we’re just going on episode number. So this is episode 44. I am here with Nate and Christian. Welcome. Happy new year. Guys what’s up?

[Nathan]:  Wohoo 2019, let’s do this thing. [laughter]. Let’s do this thing. Nothing it’s 2019. It’s a new year. It presents new challenges. It’s gonna present I think a different market and it’s gonna be fun. That’s the way I like to approach it. So…

[Christian]:  What’s your word for 2019? Impact? Growth?

[Nathan]: What’s my word? My…My word is live your truth.

[Christian]:  That’s 3 words.

[Nathan]:  Well you got 3 from me.

[Chris]:  When you put them all together in a hashtag is 1. [laughter] [Nathan]:  That’s right. OK for me personally it’s live your truth.

[Christian]:  Alright that’s what you wanna do.

[Chris]:  Alright.

[Christian]:  What about you Chris? What’s your word?

[Chris]:  Relationships. That’s my word of 2019. I think that last year when kind of the big data thing with Facebook happened and they found out how the election was tampered with and how everybody’s data was being sold I think that the movement for companies to kind of humanize and focus on relationships with the people they interact with for business is gonna pick up. 

So…Christian what’s your word for 2019?

[Christian]:  Yeah you know I am up in the air right now. It’s either gonna be impact or growth but…yeah so it’s kind of the focus of this year. You know continue making impact with agents and community stuff and podcast but then also you know growing. We spent this year figuring out a lot of things but now we’re gonna put it where we can be confident at least in our skin. 

[Nathan]:  How old is your brokerage again Christian?

[Christian]:  2 years on the 18th of this month.

[Nathan]:  So than on year 2 they say the first 2 years is survival than 2 to 4 maybe 5 is about growth so I think you should go with growth.

[Christian]: That makes sense I mean second year for us last year we grew in from 2 agents to 12. But…you know you learn a lot in the initial period and we’re working in pivoting and making some changes but…

[Nathan]:  Awesome. Chris.

[Chris]:  My man what’s up?

[Nathan]:  What’s your word or words?

[Christian]:  He just said it bro.

[Chris]:  Well my…

[Nathan]:  Did we just come from that?

[Chris]:  Yeah…[laughter].

[Christian]:  This episode is off to a great start of the office.

[Chris]:  Well this is…welcome to 2019. We are on our A game ladies and gentleman. So this time last year we were recording the very first episode for what we thought was gonna happen in 2018. And I really need to go back and re-listen to that to see if we were right. We should do that for the next episode so…

[Nathan]:  Good yeah.

[Chris]:  We’ll re-asses and we’ll determine how right we were about 2018 for episode 45 coming up. But really I remember we were here and we were like “Well[censored] we don’t really know what’s gonna happen, what the hell are we gonna talk about?” 

And I think that after doing the podcast for a year, I don’t know about you guys but I feel like you know we got a little bit better pulse on what’s happening now. What do you all think?

[Nathan]:  I conquer. Doctor?

[Christian]:  I think we’ve gotten a little better on what we do so we feel more comfortable about doing what we do. 

[Nathan]:  That too.

[Chris]:  Quite strong yeah good words. So with 2019 here we’re gonna have some challenges. Nate what do you think some challenges are gonna be for the market this year? 

[Nathan]:  Well I don’t think it’s gonna be the…the frenzy or the free for all we saw last year. I think we’re gonna you know…we’re gonna see some stabilization or what did you call it, market correction. So I am excited for that. I’d like to see things normal. I also think it will help weed out some of the people that have joined our ranks. Not to be nasty or mean but…

[Christian]:  Get rid of them.

[Nathan]:  A lot of people jumped into this because they saw it as a get rich quick thing and it’s not necessarily that. It’s not that at all. So we’ll still see a very good market. I think we’re gonna see an uptake or 2 again in the rate. I think we’ll see a continuation in that climbing. 

And then I think we’re really gonna see more of a fall back to who we are and what we do and how we provide that value which is just…I think we have seen so much focus on tech and trying to take us out of here that people realize they need us in it and so I think we’re gonna see some balance and I think successful agents will find that balance.

[Chris]:  I love it.

[Christian]:  Yeah you know…

[Chris]:  It’s on point.

[Christian]:  You mentioned here what challenges we’re gonna have. I like to think of challenges as disguised opportunities. So I think opportunities for us agents you know I think in 2018 we got kind of spoiled at least you know if you’re listing you got spoiled because you know you pretty much didn’t have to do anything. And the house would sell with multiple offers. 

I think buyers got pretty good at their job you know because you had to be competitive, you had to like understand the nuances of the contracts and terms. So I think opportunity here is for agents to really hone their game both on the listing and buying side. You know you’re not gonna be able to throw some half as pictures you know. IPhone pictures out there and you know a 2 sentence listing description and call it good. 

I think there’s lots of room to really stand out, set yourself apart by going above and beyond for your clients. You know kind of with concierge stuff with you know dedicated home listing sites, 3D tours you know like the stuff that is still not standard for, you know, listings.

[Chris]:  For the majority of the agents that are out there.

[Christian]:  Right.

[Chris]:  Awesome. You know I agree with both of you and Christian as you mentioned in some of that unique stuff, the concierge stuff that’s stuff that Nate has done and that’s stuff that I know you’re doing with J. O’Brien and his client Joan he was a guest with us last year. Go to the website, check it out. And while you’re there subscribe website is rtrepodcast.com. Go there, subscribe. You’ll get a daily update every week. Not a daily update. You’ll get a weekly update every time we launch a new episode with a little bit of a snippet of what we’re talking about so you never miss a beat. 

But for this year you know I agree with both of you. There’s gonna be a lot of changes and I think that you know, in selling homes for 2019 agents need to think smart. And I don’t mean intelligently which they should be doing that anyway. [laughter]. But S.M.A.R.T. as an acronym. So this should be coming out in a Forbes article that should be pretty soon, when it does I will put it in a link with the episode. But…

[Nathan]:  Is this your article?

[Chris]:  Well I will be quoted in Forbes. It’s one of those advice articles and this was something that I submitted to Forbes that hopefully they’ll use but basically think S.M.A.R.T. and S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym for smart technology, marketing, adding value, repairing obvious defects and then your timing. 

So these are the things you gotta think about when you’re going to sell a house in 2019. Because as you mentioned we’re gonna happen a longer marketing time. It’s gonna be harder to get the house sold and Brian  Befenian [phonetics] is 2019 bold predictions came out with some pretty incredible statistics which is 70% of real estate agents have not sold a home in a market with a higher than 5% interest rate. 80% of lenders have not sold a higher than 5% market industry. 

Now if you think about that 80%, 87% of turn over happens every 5 years. So that’s pretty accurate. The people that are in this industry now were not here when the market shifted and tanked. So it’s gonna be really interesting to see what happens and how everybody adapts to this. So I think that we’ll go through and talk about all these different areas of the acronym for S.M.A.R.T. but we’ll start with smart technology. Though Christian you’re Seattle. 

[Christian]:  I am Seattle.

[Chris]:  You are Seattle. What are some things that you’re seeing people do with smart technology? You’re in a very high, high price point market. 

[Christian]:  Yeah.

[Chris]:  Yeah.

[Christian]:  Yeah it’s nice to know those questions coming ahead of time. [laughter] I mean like Compass is…

[Chris]:  Why would we do that? Takes away all the fun. 

[Christian]:  There you go. Compass is new to the area. 

[Chris]:  Well no no I am not talking about real estate brokerages. Let me rephrase that. What are some things with the house that you’re seeing in smart technology like making a smart home? 

[Christian]:  Oh got you like with Nests and that thing?

[Chris]:  Yeah yeah, are you seeing a lot of that?

[Christian]:  I mean some. I mean obviously you know you’ve got everything from the you know midcentury or earlier house that you know is very vintage, hasn’t been touched so obviously there’s not gonna be smart technology there but there’s also lot of new modern construction or you know younger professionals that buy old houses and remodel them and invest and you know the ring video doorbells or the smart thermostats. 

You know, so you can integrate it all into your app and control everything remotely from your phone. I mean that’s what we did. We bought a house 4 months ago and the first thing we did was you know smart seer Nest you know, carbon dioxide, smoke alarm, thermostat. 

[Chris]:  So you got your phone…you’ve turned your house into a smart home that you can control from your phone? You can monitor everything?

[Christian]:  For the basic stuff you know you can get way extreme with you know your IOT internet and things stuff but you know…

[Chris]:  Yeah I had to buy this…I had to buy this microwave for the office the other day and they integrate with Alexa now. 

[Christian]:  OK sure it’s crazy.

[Chris]:  The microwave integrates with Alexa. [laughter]. So…

[Christian]:  But what I mean it was a great trial because we were out of town visiting my wife’s family on your side of the…

[Chris]:  Yeah in North Carolina. 

[Christian]:  For Christmas so you know I left you know I turned off, you know, the app turned off all the automatic you know on off automation for the alarm. Sat the thermostat in economy mode in like 50 degrees and you know left the house and once we got back and landed you know sitting in the airplane turned the thermostat back up so 20 minutes later when we were back in the house it’s back up to 78 degrees.

[Chris]:  So you mentioned that in your house you bought the house, you went and you just put all that stuff in. So that’s why…that’s why that made my list for 2019. If you want to sell a house and be competitive in this market do ahead and make those upgrades or have your seller make those upgrades before you hit the market. Because than when you got somebody like Christian coming in to buy they don’t have to do it.

[Christian]:  Yeah it’s $1000 less they have to spend.

[Chris]:  If $1000 less they have to spend a buyer is coming out of pocket, they want the technology, they want the home to integrate with itself and you know for this year in Georgia the ring door bell has made its way onto our disclosure. Because doorbell being left people have to disclose whether or not that’s a smart doorbell because sometimes people don’t want to reprogram it. So they take it out. So I mean just interesting things like that. Nate what do you think?

[Christian]:  Sure. You know I would…Sorry really quick, I would say also maybe that’s the newer things but I say the classic stuff is still in play with you know if you want to increase your re-sell value remodel that kitchen and remodel that bathroom. I mean that’s something that we were looking for because I didn’t want something that was dated that I would have to like immediately go and remodel so. 

[Chris]:  Yeah.

[Christian]:  That’s still big, a big factor.

[Nathan]:  I…I disagree with some of that.

[Chris]:  Oh come on.

[Christian]:  You’re wrong. You’re wrong.

[Nathan]:  I am wrong.

[Chris]:  You’re wrong.

[Nathan]:  I just think of…I disagree where it is being put if you would meaning…

[Christian]:  Where else are you gonna put the doorbell?

[Nathan]:  You want to tell a client how you’re gonna out a Nest thermostat ring doorbell blah blah blah and OK great. But then are you eliminating a pool of buyers that are not interested in technology and I still think there is a large portion of our country and buyers that don’t want that technology. They just don’t like it. They don’t find it’s practice. Or whatever it may be. 

I just don’t think we’re all the way there yet. I think you need to be knowledgeable on the smart technology so when you do have buyer that may go into a home that doesn’t have it you can explain those Nest ring doorbells, those items. Because I mean I have got the Nest, I have got the ring doorbell. I actually had Wi-Fi lightbulbs and found it to be a completely pain in the butt because what do you do after 45 years of being on this earth? You still go to a light switch. Now my kid may do something different but I am knowledgably in all those areas. But my mother in law still has a flip phone. She hates technology.

[Christian]:  Yeah.

[Nathan]:  So…And might be you talking to some people with a decent you know they have a good life, they’re gonna go in a home and see all that and she’s not gonna want that.

[Christian]:  Yeah. Well I mean there’s also levels of that smart technology because I had a basic level let’s take this Nest thermostat for example. You don’t need an app to work it.

[Nathan]:  I don’t know.

[Christian]:  If you’re 90 years old you could figure out you turn the dial to turn the temperature like it’s super easy again…like the ring you’re like “How does this work? Where do I see the video? What’s he doing?”. 

[Chris]:  Here’s the deal for most of the smart technology items they work when they’re not connected. So it doesn’t negate the fact that you should still put that in.

[Christian]:  It doesn’t hurt.

[Chris]:  When you’re looking…

[Christian]:  The sale value.

[Chris]:  It doesn’t hurt the sale value. Because if you’re looking to stand out, you’ve got 3 homes on the same street that are in the same price point and a similar style home, smart technology is gonna help you stand out. And you can do it in a few different ways. Because you can either do the upgrade in advance. Right, if you’ve got somebody that is going in and they’re putting in new appliances have them take the next step up and put in the appliances that sync. That talk to things. Because you know I don’t know what a microwave does with Alexa. I didn’t buy the Alexa microwave but I know that a microwave now integrates with Alexa. If I was selling a house and I had the option between the Alexa microwave or the non-Alexa microwave I would go Alexa. 

[Nathan]:   I would agree with you on that.

[Chris]:  Yeah. So and that’s the whole point behind that.

[Nathan]:  OK. Alright I can live with that. 

[Chris]:  You can live with that? OK I am glad you can live with that. [laughter] [Christian]:  I can live with you living with that.

[Chris]:  OK so we’re all on the same page here. We all agree if you are going to make upgrades to your house…

[Nathan]:  Don’t be a cheap [censored].

[Chris]:  Don’t be a cheap [censored]. And quite honestly there’s not much of a price difference. If you’re gonna pay for somebody to install a new thermostat it’s gonna cost you at least 150 bucks. If you’re gonna pay for somebody to install you might as well spend the extra hundred, $150 and juts get the Nest.

[Christian]:  Yeah.

[Chris]:  Or the…whatever the other one is.

[Christian]:  And there is…there is you know off market or like the mainstream heater companies that have their own version of it that’s not you know cool Nest and it’s a lot cheaper. So you still have smart technology without the sexy name. 

[Chris]:  Quite possible. OK so that’s the S in S.M.A.R.T. The second one is marketing. So marketing the property for the economy that we’re in. As I mentioned earlier Brian Bufeny [phonetics] says that 80% of realtors haven’t been in a market with a greater than 5% interest rate that is coming this year, so one of the things that we have to make sure that we’re doing is that we’re no longer setting the expectations without clients on the listing site that “Oh well I think the house on the listing site is work 339 let’s list it for 350 and see what happens”. If we think that the house is worth 339 and that is where it should be listed guess what, this is the year where we list it where we think it’s gonna be listed. 

[Christian]:  Exactly.

[Chris]:  Any arguments there guys?

[Nathan]:  No.

[Christian]:  No I think you’re right on. I mean I just had you know my first listing appointment of 2019 you know yesterday. You know it gave me a chance to brush up on…you know, on stuff and you know the thing I tell sellers I am like “The thing I tell sellers is like listen you know I am gonna put on the MLS and you know it’s gonna sent the kid to all these different websites”. That’s nothing special. Everyone does that you know. 

But what we did do special is you know this dedicated landing page, the 3D tour, the paid you know targeted social media ads you know geared at like your ideal buyer you know that kind of stuff. That’s not automatic. You know so kind of fine tuning like what is it that is actually gonna help you stand out from your competitors and also going to 1, you know, greatly increase your client’s experience and 2 increase the likelihood of them selling for what they want to sell for. You know I feel the days are gone that you can just slap it up on the MLS and do nothing. And call it good.

[Chris]:  Yeah there’s very few markets that you can do that and there’s very few price points that you can do that in now. The marketing time is getting longer, it’s on its way up to but it will probably hit 6 months by the end of this year of inventory which that is the threshold for a buyers’ market. Guess what, get ready for it.

[Christian]:  Yeah. Which isn’t a bad thing. I mean markets change.

[Nathan]:  That’s right.

[Christian]:  You just have to be able to adjust with it. So…

[Chris]:  Alright. So moving on that marketing when you’re dealing with the price you also want to make sure that this is the year that if you haven’t started upgrading your media and your collateral this is the year that you do that. If you don’t have high quality media in your listing, if your listing photos are taken with an iPhone, or you know a cheap camera it’s time to step your game up. Do 1 of 2 things, either hire a photographer or take a photography course and get yourself a professional camera.

[Christian]:  At a bare minimum hire someone.

[Nathan]:  You know, I mean personally I tell people here that…don’t do that. That a realtor…they say “I do my own photos”. I actually share their hand and tell them to keep up the good work [laughter]. And you know when I walk away I am like all right that is awesome.

[Christian]:  That’s a complication. You would not be doing your own photography if actually you are not a professional photographer.

[Chris]:  Exactly. Get a course and learn how to do it.

[Nathan]:  Yeah it’s one of the questions I had. I meet with potential listings. This is how I interview other people. Here’s a question. And I tell them, ask them who is gonna take the pictures of their home. I said “If they tell you that they’re gonna do it than you need to not even…just move onto the next one”.

[Christian]:  Next.

[Nathan]:  Like they even…if they’re gonna do it I’d wanna see pictures but you know versus…

[Chris]:  Jumping photos.

[Nathan]:  But I pay a company here locally which is what they do. I tell people my job is to sell a home not take pictures of it. And listen stop being a cheap you know what there realtors not that expensive. You’re getting compensated.

[Chris]:  150 bucks. For photos.

[Christian]:  Yeah they’re very cheap.

[Chris]:  Now the maximum you’re gonna spend on like an average size home is 500 bucks and that’s if you throw in the video tour and the matter.

[Nathan]:  Right.

[Christian]:  Straight up…Drone shot.

[Chris]:  Yeah I mean come on.

[Nathan]:  Straight up photos here. 100 buck 50. So I can’t…

[Chris]:  And it’s also marketing. Right. Because you can use that stuff in marketing yourself as an expert. So…Just step it up. Step up your market game. 2019 wants that.

[Christian]:  Yeah people.

[Nathan]:  Easiest thing to do. Hardest thing to get done and I am OK with it. Like I said you know what you wanna be cheap be cheap. But you know people shop for homes just like people look for dates. It’s on the internet and they will rule a home out as fast as they can because of poor pictures. And…

[Chris]:  7 seconds.

[Nathan]:  And any good agent…

[Christian]:  The tinder app for homes.

[Chris]:  Actually there is.

[Nathan]:  And any good agent you can take a bad house and good photographs done and it’s gonna look really good, it’s gonna turn perfect. You know it’s not rocket science.

[Chris]:  The app is called Porch, it’s made by…what’s her name, Amy Viewer. She was at Inman. She has an app called Porch. Basically you swipe left or right and you tell if you like the house or not.

[Christian]:  Nice. Interesting.

[Chris]:  Yeah she was telling me about it. I haven’t checked it out yet though. Alright so smart technology S, marketing M. A is add value. Now Nate you’re really great at this on the listing site. Like your listing packages include like house cleanings and all sorts of crazy stuff. But I am talking on the sale side, if you want to sell the house for 2018. You can go out of the box you don’t have to just say “Hey, you know, free home inspection included”. You can add value to the buyer. If there are things that you know the buyer is going to want in the house advertise it up front. “Hey look we’re willing to take care of this, that or the other”. Or…I have seen incentives where the buyer gets like a vacation or a night, a weekend away or house cleaning or any of that stuff. That really can help that home stand out. What do you guys think of that?

[Nathan]:  I think something that is gonna be big or I think it’s something that we’re gonna start doing is doing a pre listing inspection.

[Chris]:  Yeah.

[Nathan]:  Do the prelisting inspection.

[Christian]:  I do that. I do that for all our listings.

[Nathan]:  Yeah do the prelisting inspection. I trust the remedy items and that’s a value to a buyer. “Here’s an inspection and here’s what we fixed”. Now they can…And I actually just had a buyer say “Hey I am comfortable with that inspection, I am comfortable with what they fixed.” It saved them 350 bucks and they were happy with it. 

So I think from a sale side you know “Hey we had a inspection done, we’ve been proactive and instead of reactive”, I think it does make it more attractive than…I applaud Mr. Harris there . if that’s something he already does than I think he is ahead of the ball game. 

[Christian]:  Yeah well we do it because it adds value all the way around. I mean for the seller it’s just smart because it than gives you an opportunity to than be able to say “Hey we know exactly the condition of the house; we have priced it accordingly.” Than if they want to make any changes or any fixes they want is disclosed. So that encourages a buyer to either waive that inspection or if they do do their own inspection they’re not gonna find anything they can be able to use as leverage to you know “Hey the seller needs to fix this or reduce this so”. So keeps the seller in the driver seat longer, it makes for a better transaction on the byer side even if they opt to do their own inspection anyway. So…

[Chris]:  You all are rock stars because you just beat me to R. Which is repair the obvious defects. If you’re getting the house to market don’t have the house be in a condition where you know you’re gonna have to negotiate a lot of things in that due diligence period. If you know there’s things that are wrong, take care of it. Get the house moving ready before you list it so that again it’s all about the competition. You’ve got 3 homes on the same street that are all in different conditions with different price…but similar price points, if yours needs the work you’re gonna lose. So make sure that your sellers are getting the obvious defects fixed. 

Now this also includes staging as part of that marketing. Make sure that the house is show ready. What do you guys think of that? I mean you beat me to it but anything else to try and mend on that?

[Christian]:  Yeah I mean when I do listings I basically pitch it this way I say like “Hey we’re all inclusive so we take care of all these stuff for your, it’s all included”. We don’t say “Hey I recommend this go out there do it, and pay for it. We recommend it.” You know we do it ourselves. One of the things that we do offer in it is staging. If they’re not gonna live there. I would say if they’re living there…

[Chris]:  It’s kind of hard.

[Christian]:  Yeah but the other side of it is well if it is a little disheveled or you need interior design isn’t their forte you can you know for much cheaper cost still have the…you know for me I can have that stager come in and say “Hey with the stuff that is existing these are my recommendations”. 

[Chris]:  Yeah with a stager consult.

[Christian]:  Yeah exactly. And I will throw in a little my 2 sense side, my pep peeve when it comes to repairs and disclosures as agents do. Do the [censored] right thing. [laughter]. I hate coming across agents that are like “I don’t want to see the inspection. You know if I don’t know about it I don’t have to disclose it”. I am like “That’s a great way to get sued and just to be a douche”.

[Chris]:  Yes yes. The way that our brokerage agreements work is if we get notice our seller gets notice. It doesn’t matter if you don’t open the email that has the disclosure. You have been served the disclosure, you now know legally.

[Christian]:  Right and I don’t know about you guys but you know here in Washington state even if you’re seller doesn’t know you have to disclose it; you have to make it known. You know there is no covering your ears and you know…

[Nathan]:  I just call it the “Can you sleep at night rule”. If I can sleep at night than I am OK like when you know if that is something you need to disclose or not. If you’re questioning if you need to disclose it guess what that means. You should disclose it.

[Chris]:  Oh yeah and I was…

[Christian]:  I have had you know agents that push back on the pre-inspection because they’re like “Well you know…but then we will have to disclose the defects”. I am like “Yeah but they’re gonna have an inspection anyway and they’re gonna use it to leverage against you”. You know or…You know so it’s just a good…just a good policy. 

So I don’t know about you guys but here in Washington state I saw a disclosure form, yes it is legally required to be filled out but it doesn’t hold a big court in the sense of will a buyer beware of the state. Like a buyer is obligated to find any defects that a seller disclose it doesn’t know. Unless it is [crosstalk] straight up fraud it is not really anything buyer can do if the seller is dishonest.

[Chris]:  Exactly. So get it done up front. Alright the last thing for 2018 in S.M.A.R.T. is timing. And that’s timing when your listings are going on. Timing when your marketing is going up. Making sure that you are optimizing the marketing that you’re doing on the property. Now there is a few things that you can factor in here. The day of the week that you list it, the day of the week that you advertise your open house. When you start putting that stuff out. Just be smart about this. No pun intended.

[Christian]:  I hear you.

[Chris]:  But don’t list your open house for Saturday on Friday night. You gotta make sure that you’re giving yourself enough time. And if you’ve got a property coming to market utilize that time during when it’s coming to market maybe not to do a premarket advertisement or anything like that but to showcase the property. Take some pictures and video as you’re going through the process of listing it. And getting that put in front of the audience. Don’t violate your MLS agreement. If they don’t allow pre-listings don’t do it. But…

[Christian]:  Yeah they’ll know it so…

[Chris]:  Yeah some do some don’t. Agents do it anyway.

[Christian]:  Yeah.

[Chris]:  Shame on you. 

[Christian]:  And they get fined.

[Chris]:  Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t. Yeah but make sure you’re using your time wisely. Plan out your listing. Have a timeline of how your marketing is gonna work. Put some thought in it. And execute based off of what you decide. Anything else guys?

[Christian]:  Yeah I think that’s good. I always got kind of my standard timeline of you know bring a house on the market on Thursdays always. That gives you know all our websites 24 hours to syndicate so the people that are gonna be looking at open houses if they’re agents just see that Friday because that’s when they’re gonna be making their plans for open houses and buyer tours and stuff. You know I still be making the market changes. We may change this but typically like that fall on Tuesday. We’ll the offer due date you know once interest in buyers market probably not so much. But…Yeah most definitely a systematic way to get the best results. 

[Chris]:  Nate what do you do with your timing?

[Nathan]:  Again you know we had a whole episode dedicated to timing and planning and again I live and die by a schedule. And so again I think it’s important to think about when you’re gonna list a home, when you want to… You know people say “Oh I put it on the market on a Friday and I have some showings on Saturday”. But be realistic people. People have calendar and lives and plans. So you know proper preparation prevents poor performance. Be smart about what you do. Alright.

[Christian]:  Love it that’s a piece. One so…Sorry one thing I will say on timing and this is I really love that pitch [laughter]. Another pep pitch is it drives me crazy when agents resort to the “Any time is a great time to buy or sell”. To me that’s just lazy. Like you’re a marron and you’re just a sales agent and no one is gonna trust you because you’re not telling the truth you know. Or you just don’t know. Maybe you don’t have the tools to know when a good time to sell or buy is.

[Chris]:  Buyers and sales coaches are cheap.

[Christian]:  Know your market you know. There is a peak season, there is an off season. Like know when the best time to buy is the best time to sell is. Now…

[Chris]:  And it depends on the situation too. Because if you’re…If your low income saving up for the first home and your income is not raising as fast as the interest rates and the prices it’s not a good time to buy.

[Christian]:  Right. And there is obviously extenuating circumstances for you have to you know help your client assess you know “Does your need right now you know bypass what the market ideal time to buy or sell is.” You know taking account the interest rates and trends and all that kind of stuff. So…

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