RTRE 58 – Keeping A Relationship Great Post Closing

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When the transaction closes, do you continue to develop and nurture the relationship or do you move on to the next deal? Tune in to todays show to hear what some agents are doing to keep the momenntum going!

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RTRE 58 – Keeping A Relationship Great Post Closing

[music] [Chris] Welcome to re:Think Real Estate, your educational and hopefully entertaining source for all things real estate, business, news and tech. 

[Christian]: I am Christian Harris in Seattle, Washington.

[Nathan]: Hi, I am Nathan White in Columbus, Ohio.

[Chris]: And I am Chris Lazarus in Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks for tuning in. 

[music] [Chris]: Everybody and welcome back to re:Think Real Estate. Missed you in the last week. We’re glad to be back. Got Christian, Nate here. And last week we left off with Christian kind of giving a little tease. We’re gonna talk this week about how to continue the relationship with your clients post closing. So let’s not waste any good time. Christian let’s dive on in. What are you doing to improve and continue that relationship with your clients once the deal’s done?

[Christian]:  Sure yeah I mean, there’s so many things you…you can do. Unfortunately it’s…it’s kind of the consistently lacking aspects of a lot of agents business even if your tool rock star and you do a great job it’s often very easy to lose track of your clients. And they lose tracking you and, you know, you’re later they’re like “I can’t even remember my agent’s name or how to get a hold of. I’m gonna contact someone else.” So to help avoid that obviously the creating unique content, you know, whether that’s through email or social media. Whatever it is kind of the…I won’t say the easy way, that’s probably one of the harder ways. But there’s a lot of services and companies you can use that will help provide value as well. I kind of alluded to a the service that we have started using called Home bot. And that has been very cool because you can essentially…now it doesn’t work with sellers because they’ve just sold their home, you know, unless they bought a new one. But it’s kind of geared towards homeowners. So obviously it’s gonna be your buyer clientele. But it’s pretty cool because it’s…it’s cheap and you sign them up for it. And it will send them a monthly email that’s real easy to use information, you know. With like says, you know, your estimated value for your home is X and it shows a graph of the value. And it’ll, you know, he knows your mortgage and whatnot. And it will say “Hey your your net worth of your home is this. This is how much you’ve paid in toward your principle, toward your interest.” If you’re to, you know, refine in 15 years or 25 or 30 this is what this payments would look like. If you made a payment of an extra whatever, you can choose that within the…within the portal. It will show you how much you’d save over the course of the loan. If you’re to Airbnb out a room it will show you, you know, based on the average in your area how much your revenue you would have, you know, extra per month. 

[Chris]:  So hold on. On a per-room basis?

[Christian]:  Yeah.

[Chris]:  Wow that’s cool. That’s really cool.  

[Christian]:  Yeah so it’s got all sorts of cool analytics, you know, that show you all your options. And, you know, and it has its own firm within it. You know, you’re…you’re the one that’s branded in there and, you know, so it’s always kind of putting the bug in the air. If like “Oh look at this is, what the market’s done. This is what my house may be worth…” You know, and prompts them to like “Get a CMA from your agent”. And then it has all the links in the backend of like “How many have been sent out, what are they clicking on, do they open it?” But like the open rates and click through rate on this stuff is way, way higher than any email. You don’t care how cool and revolutionary your, you know, your email marketing is. 

[Chris]:  Like what are you talking like…

[Christian]:  If you’re…if you’re killing it with the email marketing you have like a 30% open rate. I think the average in our industry is 16%. So you typically will get 20% where did a lot of, you know, unique content it’s just… it’s hard to get people’s attention. And, you know, in email marketing so…so this is…

[Chris]:  Have you heard from your clients on what they think of it? 

[Christian]:  I mean we…were pretty early on and using it. So not yet. But I know some agents that I really respect, you know, they’re really killing it. And they’ve got great things to say about how you’ve actually gotten the listings from this tool, you know, from people that are their clients and the other people who aren’t their clients. So if you can use it as…as marketing and lead gen as well, even though it’s kind of set up and branded as something to provide value ongoing for your…for your buyers. So that’s one…that’s one tool. You know, I’ve got a whole workflow process to stay in touch with them that reminds me to actually, you know, reach out to them. 

One good point of contact can be, you know, if with your buyer clients to remind you, you know “Beginning of the year hey don’t forget to send out, you know, that…the final settlement statement.” And it gives you a reason to contact them. Say “Hey, you know, here’s your final settlement statement in case you misplaced it. You bought a house last year. You’re gonna want this for your taxes.” You know, so…so that sort of thing.

[Chris]:  That’s awesome. Nate what are you doing to continue that relationship afterwards?

[Nathan]:  I’m not [censored] out all my data to other people like Christian. [laughter] [Christian]:  [censored] out what data? 

[Nathan]:  Just teasing. I keep it simple. The good old 26 and 52 rule. I’m sure one of you know what that is. Right? 

[Christian]:  I say marathon. No it’s 20 miles. I don’t know.

[Chris]:  26 contacts for 52 weeks.

[Nathan]:  You got it. Keep it simple stupid right. That’s…it’s…there’s 26 letters in the alphabet. You just go down twice. Make…make your phone calls. I don’t do anything crazy. Again it’s…I call it the…the personalized organic thing. Just call people and say “Hey Chris what’s up? How are you? How’s the kids?” I think people appreciate that as much. And the reason I do that is because that’s what I like. All the [censored] I get in the mail, all the stuff that I get an email, I just hit delete delete delete. Or I throw it in the trash.

But if somebody actually takes the time to reach out to me and say “Hey” I find value in that. So I forget who it was talking to the day. They were talking about, you know, lead gen and all that. And they said, you know “Find whatever you’re good at and you enjoy doing and do it well.” I don’t enjoy making the calls and doing all the other stuff. I’m annoyed by the other stuff. So I therefore don’t do the things that I would find annoying. I just rather make a call and say “Hey how are you?”

And, you know, my wife was just down you know, in Athens Chris. And did me a favour [crosstalk] Well and, you know, I call it…I called a client, a past client of mine. I said “Hey I know you love creature Conference. Wife’s down in Athens.” And he said “Oh my God please have her grab me a case.” Right listen that…that case of beer goes a long way.

[Chris]:  Oh yeah. 

[Nathan]:  You know.

[Chris]:  Because it’s not just the beer. It’s not the item. The fact that you thought about him. 

[Nathan]:  The fact that I thought about him. That’s right. Yeah for me it’s, you know, that’s what works. I…I…I’m really turned off by…I like what Chris and Christian mentioned. And I’ve looked into that a little bit. Not read a lot on it. What I don’t like is these automated things that go out that they don’t have…they just…they have no personal feel. And so I think, you know, that’s a value out on my side. I think it’s where realtors really lose sight. They just…they turn into this transactional thing and they could’tn care less after they’re done with you.

[Chris]:  So the way Christian’s working it I think it’s kind of like the best of both worlds. Because utilizing something like this to automate some of the contact, but then also following up within the CRM to make sure that those relationships stay nurtured and that it doesn’t become an automated feeling.

[Christian]:  Right. Well and…and this isn’t a replacement for those touches. This is an excuse to reach out and be like “Hey I just set you up with this cool tool. This is how it works.” And , you know, and, you know, because…because I know for me…I mean the key really is find out something that works for you, that’s natural, that you enjoy doing. Because I know for me if I just get a random phone call from someone that I haven’t heard from for a while I’m thinking “What do you want? What’s your angle?” 

Like, you know, and, you know, and I used to kind of approach it when I was a new agent that way. But it always felt weird because I’d be like I just call someone out of the blue and never really coming around to. So I’m kind of looking for business, you know, like “No I am not looking to buy or sell.” So like don’t do that. You know, but if you don’t have an excuse or you haven’t built, you know, done the hard work of building that relationship either through the transaction or afterwards, you know, it’s going to come off as I’m calling for a self, you know, motivate gain. As opposed to “Here’s a tool you’re gonna find really cool. It can benefit you.” And it gives you an excuse to also reach out and contact them, you know, in person. Which really is going to have your biggest…your biggest bang for the buck. You know, over email or text or something.

[Nathan]:  I’ll be honest too. They’re the clients that I don’t I don’t want a referral from them. And it’s not that there was a bad thing or the transaction was bad or anything. I just…they weren’t my type of people. And so, you know, I…I don’t really need a referral from them. If that makes any sense. I just, you know, it’s…it’s kind of the way. I am…it’s like I developed these almost deep emotional bonds with my client. I mean it’s…it becomes a friendship. So, you know, if we’re not buddy-buddy afterwards that’s OK. You know, and maybe they do refer me somebody but there’s some that I just…I don’t really give a [censored] about. And I’m OK with that.

[Chris]:  Well I think that having an excuse to reach out to people is definitely a good thing. There needs to be a few touches where, you know what, you’re calling them just to call them. And make them feel like you were just thinking about them. But one of the things that I’ve kind of talked about with my agents over the last few years, is that keep it…keep a tab on when the anniversary of their house is and every year send them a CMA. Let them know “Hey this is what your home value is.” Seems like Home bought does that on a regular basis for you. So…

[Christian]:  You can still send out your own or call them. 

[Chris]:  Yeah send out your own and call them. And check in on the value of the house. In Georgia we have a lot of…we have homestead exemptions where the tax break is different on your personal property. And that has to be filed by a certain date each year. So before that filing date, January, February, having the agents contact their clients from the past year and reminding them “Hey don’t forget to file for your homestead exemption.” There are…there are lots of reasons to reach out to people over the…for post closing. And I think that, you know, as long as we’re doing it that’s the most important part.

[Christian]:  Yeah oh no sorry I mean to interrupt.

[Chris]:  No go ahead. 

[Christian]:  OK. The…what we’re talking about so is kind of the ongoing long-term stuff, right.

[Chris]:  Yeah.

[Christian]:  You know….you know, if a big thing to you is providing, you know, an exceptional client experience is something that’s gonna, you know, help, give them something to talk about so they’re actually, you know, advocating for you. You know, something that’s been really effective for us is doing a complimentary housewarming party. You know, for us we have a lot of people here that are new to the area and, you know, they may not, you know, have a close network of family in whatever. And something that if we can provide some drinks and some appetizers and organize it for them, and there is this, you know, fun event to welcome in their neighbours and their friends and co-workers and whatever else. Like that that is going to be way more impactful and help you build relationship with them. And something remember then, you know, customized steak knives or some cheesy ask-your-realtor closing gifts [laughter].

[Chris]:  Yeah.

[Christian]:  You know, I mean closing gifts are a huge waste of money and time if you’re just trying to like get your quote brand in front of them on some cheesy kitchenware.

[Chris]:  Cutting board or knives or…Nothing against Costco but frankly…

[Nathan]:  I go for the experience over…over the things. I mean items are forgettable experiences. It’s much harder to forget.

[Chris]:  Yeah I mean that’s like gift-giving 101. Right you give a gift that you…that means something to the person not because you want to give the gift. Like if you’re gonna give a gift you make sure “Hey look this is…this is…I’m giving it to you because I think this is something that’s gonna mean something to you”. Not “Hey I’m giving it to you because, you know, this is my personal brand and this is what I do.” Like everybody. Because now you no longer stand out like somebody that is thinking about them. You just stand out as, you know, they’re one of everybody now. So it’s making people feel unique, I think is definitely a huge thing on the gift-giving front. And Client Giant does that, right? Christian you’re using them.

[Christian]:  Yeah, yeah they do kind of like touch point, you know, gifts when you passed your inspection. And then, you know, half of your transaction they’ll send out moving boxes and your closing gift and move your utilities over. And, you know, all with handwritten notes from, you know, white gloves. Coming from you. And if it’s…if the gift doesn’t seem like something that’s appropriate for your client you could, you know, send a message say “Hey do you have something else because blah, blah, blah, blah.”  You know, if they don’t cook they don’t a cutting board or whatever. You know.

[Chris]:  Yeah I mean and for some people like a housewarming party that’s gonna be a big thing. Unless they hate people.

[Christian]:  If they’re so introvert that’s probably not a good gift. 

[Chris]:  They’re probably not gonna want that. But I think your idea behind that is that during the course of that relationship you’re gonna determine whether or not that person is somebody who’s gonna want that.

[Christian]:  Sure. Well it’s great because it it’s something that they may want to do but may never get around to. Or it’s a big hassle. And it also gets you in front of all of their closest people, you know, so it’s a natural networking, you know. Because I mean they’re gonna be like “Oh here’s my agent that helped me blah blah blah.” They’ll be talking you up, hopefully, if you did good job, you know. So all sorts of opportunities, you know, for you. But then also for your client. You know, because I mean you don’t just want to be thinking about, you know, ask ask ask. You’re gonna be like give give give give. And they’re doing the, you know, reciprocating and advocating for you without you having to directly ask them.

[Chris]:  Sounds good. So we’re…we’re approaching the halfway mark in the episode now. So we’re gonna go ahead with week two of doing the re:Think Realty bonus thoughts. So as I’m just seeing this for the first time. These are some thoughts on things that exist in real estate and we’re gonna get everybody’s two thoughts on it. 

[Christian]:  What is it?

[Chris]:  Signs in neighborhoods and in houses. OK so this one I think this is signs that have been found in houses. 

[Christian]:  Not signs from God?

[Chris]:  Not signs from God. But these are some signs that have been found in houses and in neighborhoods. I just want your first reaction on them. Christian you’re gonna go first.

[Christian]:  Yeah well so I show the house.

[Chris]:  I’ve got some some here that I’m gonna read off. I want your reaction on them.

[Christian]:  Yeah. Oh I got you. I got you. 

[Chris]:  So a sign that says “Please do not drink this water.” Above a toilet.

[Christian]:  Yeah w-wait that’d be weird. That would be weird. I have never seen that. 

[Chris]:  Yeah that’s a little weird. “Please do not flush paper towels tissues and wipes kitchens…kittens and puppies hopes and dreams. Thank you.”

[Christian]:  OK OK trying to be funny. Cute.

[Chris]:  Trying to be funny. Thing…things in houses. “Beware of smartphone zombies.” Nate.

[Nathan]:  Stupid. 

[Christian]:  Stupid. [laughter] Hard crowd today. 

[Chris]:  “Don’t make our butts pick up your cigarette buds.” 

[Christian]:  OK.

[Chris]:  The roaches are getting cancer.

[Christian]:  Cool.

[Nathan]:  I mean…

[Chris]:  Found in neighbourhoods. 

[Nathan]:  Yeah that’s gotta be somewhere like [crosstalk].

[Chris]:  Yeah like an ATA. What are some weird signs that you guys have seen in houses? Anything?

[Christian]:  Well…Sorry go ahead Nate.

[Nathan]:  Well I mean I’ve never seen it on a sign. I have seen it on a billboard. It’s in Atlanta and it stands out. But that’s the only one that ever…you know.

[Chris]:  Which one?

[Nathan]:  One for the pink pony it says “Do you love candy? We do too and all our friends.” [laughter] OK that’s creative marketing but like I’ve never seen like…I’ve never seen signs. I’ve seen things displayed that I thought were inappropriate. Maybe. 

[Christian]:  OK. If it’s inappropriate for Nathan it’s gonna be really bad.

[Chris]:  Oh yeah. You gotta share that. You can’t let us hang.

[Nathan]:  So no like I got a client ready to list his house and, you know, he was a good old boy. And that’s fine. But he had rebel flags and things of that nature all over the home. And some other very derogatory racist things that, you know, he’s like “What do you think I should do with them?” And I said “You take them down.” Like, you know, cuz somebody like might come and burn your house down. Yes that’s right. Yeah but it’s like, you know, I’ve seen things like that. But not, you know, not sign…signs that are cute or…

[Chris]:  Things that are divisive.

[Nathan]:  Yeah right. like you want to sell your house. You don’t wanna have it burnt down. [laughter].

[Christian]:  Yeah I mean I’ve…I can’t think of any, you know, memorable signs per se. But I do remember showing a house once where, you know, sometimes listing agents will have like, you know, house signs up on the wall or whatever to like highlight unique things about the property. And this person went to town. I mean I walked in and it was like just signs everywhere on everything. I was surprised they had like a sign on the floor that said like “Floor”. [laughter] You know, I mean it was…it was over the top. I took some pictures of it because I was like “Why do they have a sign in the kitchen saying, you know, “Kitchen counter”. Like obviously it’s a kitchen counter. That’s not a unique feature.” Like…

[Chris]:  Nice. 

[Christian]:  Yeah it was ridiculous. 

[Chris]:  That’s good stuff. There wasn’t one of my properties or one that I’ve shown but there’s an agent that I know here in Atlanta, and she posted the other day a property she was in. It was like an old commercial property and there was like makeshift altars and just like the stuff nightmares are made out of. They had upside-down crosses. They had crucifixes. Like in the basement to support beams they had like big crucifixes. It was absolutely bizarre and there’s a lots of…

[Christian]:  Blood pools on the floor or anything?

[Chris]:  No no I didn’t see any blood pools but it did look like it was like an old school. So imagine like an old like elementary school basement. Like tiny windows like 1942…15 build.

[Christian]:  Hounted. 

[Chris]:  The windows are like plastered over. Like and then you just see these crosses that have giant crucifixes. And look…and there was like altars. And just weird. There were mattresses on the floor like something weird was going on there. So yeah there’s crazy stuff out there. But that that kind of ends this segment of re:Think Real Estate bonus thoughts. Tell us what you think, whether you like it or not. Just kind of switching it up a little bit. Leave us a message on Facebook. Shoot us a review. Comment on the website rtrepodcast.com. And make sure you sign up for our newsletter. 

So getting back to our topic today talking about continuing the relationship with your clients post-closing. And we’ve covered a lot about how to just keep talking to them. And basically just keep talking to your clients. But how do we…how are we able to make sure that we’re doing that? And I want to talk to you Christian on this. Because I know we all kind of gave up on Nate ever building out his CRM. [laughter] So that…you’re never gonna live there. But Christian so it…how are you utilizing your CRM to continue your client relationships post-closing?

[Christian]:  Yeah I mean in a nutshell I’m using it as a tool…as a tool to remind me to stay in touch with, you know, my clients. It’s not doing it for me. It’s not a drip campaign. It’s not automated in that sense. I still have to take action. I still have to send an email or still have to call them. So I mean that’s…that’s what I think the real strength of technology is. Because usually if something’s fully automated people can tell. And it’s really hard or if not impossible to have that personalized touch, you know, and so I use the technology to remind me to send out, you know, anniversary email. And I usually coupled that with, you know, once again we’re talking about to buyers, you know, homeowners. Couple that with a handwritten note and maybe a CRM or, you know, one-page snapshot about their house or something.

So trying to hit multiple layers not just like once a year they hear from me from an email or a phone call. It’s, you know, a layered effect. Where Brian Buffeny [phonetics] says is a stacking effect. So, you know, you strategically have OK an email followed up by a call followed by, you know, a handwritten note or something. Yeah whatever seems like…

[Chris]:  Different avenues.

[Christian]:  Exactly different…different touchpoints that’s complement each other. Not that look sporadic and un-thought through or inconsistent. 

[Chris]:  So using the CRM to remind you to do this stuff, how difficult was it to set that up?

[Christian]:  I mean that’s the…the big challenge I think for a lot…for a lot of agents, you know. They got great ideas but, you know, how they do it or how they have time to do it or it seems so daunting that they never do. You know, from for me it was like “OK here’s my process.” I mapped it out and then I found the platform to be able to do that. For me it’s Realvolve. And so over one, you know, Christmas break I basically took a week and set out and just built out workflows. Not the funnest thing to do but I mean it’s…it enables you to really provide that client experience and make a consistent thing. Then, you know, I’m kind of constantly tweaking it as, you know, I’m refining my process and whatnot.  

And as a brokerage owner we provide all that to our agents, which is a huge value gained over maybe, you know, a brokerage that provides a CRM but there’s no processes involved. They just have an address book that they have to upload stuff into, you know. So to be able to have, you know, those reminders and touch points all built out and stuff for you is pretty big.

[Chris]:  Awesome. Yeah that is huge and kudos for you for building that out for your company. So Nate I know you’re not using a CRM, what are you using to track…like making sure that you’re going through the alphabet twice every year? And you’re using the…what is that? Just your phone?

[Christian]:  Garmin [phonetics]? You’re using your Garmin? Your phone? If you unmute yourself we could hear you a little better. 

[Nathan]:  Yeah. Yes I am using what you thought. Yes that’s…I am not…

[Chris]:  Our audience can’t see us. 

[Nathan]:  Yes sorry. Yeah the iPhone, the iPhone X. Give me that. But yeah and I use my brain, you know. It’s  our computer out there. Right.

[Christian]:  That’s the most defective part of man. 

[Nathan]:  I know I get crazy with it. Could I be better? Oh absolutely. But I’m forwarding…

[Christian]:  When you gonna build out your CRM Nate? Just think about workflows. You just asked for those. 

[Nathan]:  I don’t know. I just…I discontinued Realvolve months ago. [crosstalk] [Christian]:  The decline starts.

[Nathan]:  Why pay for something that I’m not using. 

[Chris]:  That’s a big thing with real estate where agents pay for things they’re not using all the time. And the whole power of a CRM, everybody asked “What’s the best CRM out thee?” “The one you use.”

[Nathan]:  Yeah, you know, and then I use Google for about everything else. And I use Google a lot so if you wanted to say I had a CRM, Google I mean…I use all my transactional stuff, timelines, everything. All that is all built into Google. So I’ve in essence created what works for me. I guess if you would. But I don’t have a traditional third-party both on technology. But again I use Google. It’s a free platform and I like it. So…

[Christian]:  You just mean like the calendar essentially? You’re…

[Nathan]:  Yeah.

[Christian]:  What aspect of Google?

[Nathan]:  Yeah the calendar, the contacts, the whole shebang. I mean docs. All of it. I mean what else do I use?

[Christian]:  How does that…how does it help you with your…when you’re working through a transaction? Or  staying in touch with clients? Is that just like a reminder? You have on your calendar?

[Nathan]:  Yep. I plug all the relevant dates into my calendar. And then I set reminders. And that’s what I do. And that works for me. 

[Christian]:  Well if it works…

[Nathan]:  Luckily…luckily for us here in Ohio, contracts aren’t that difficult. You know, the timelines they’re not…it’s not rocket science, you know. So…

[Chris]:  Yeah I’ve seen your listing agreement. It’s two pages.

[Nathan]:  Yeah it’s…it’s not…

[Chris]:  Tiny.

[Nathan]:  It’s not…it’s not complex. So again if you can like…if I go in here, I mean I know when all my stuff’s happening because I just put my reminders in there. Make sure you don’t have your reminders set ten minutes before. You know, I know people like come in and say “I had it set but then it reminded me 10 minutes before it was due.” I’m like “Yeah you might want to do it a couple days out there.” But…

[Chris]:  Maybe. I don’t know. 

[Nathan]:  There are plenty of CRMs that integrate with Google. I just don’t use one. So just me. But again what I do is way different than a lot of people.

[Chris]:  Yeah so I do want to talk a little bit more about what you do. Because some of the things that you’re doing are very similar to what Client Giant does.

[Nathan]:  Yeah.

[Chris]:  So instead of using Client Giant, you’re actually putting in the legwork to make the client experience special. And…and memorable. So what are you doing in some of your transactions now Nate?

[Nathan]:  So I…I mean I stole a lot of J’s stuff if you would. Best ideas are stolen. Right? But from having carpets clean, homes clean, cars clean, boxes delivered. There’s all kind of different things. It’s what I like the ability to do is tailor each one of those to each individual. I don’t want it to be every client gets this and every client gets that. Because we all know that every transaction is different and so there may be some concessions I make. I may do something different. Right. I give up part of my commission sometimes to bridge a gap. Right. Does that suffice? 

[Chris]:  Good agents do that.

[Nathan]:  Right. Does that suffice? Doing something above and beyond for your client? Yeah I think it does. So each one’s different but I like to do something that it’s just a personal touch. Again we’ve talked about it before that, you know, you’re…you’re marketed or branded candle that I really don’t like, I don’t want in my house anyway. So or you just got paid 10 grand and you bought me a $20 bottle of wine is kind of the biggest f you I think in the world. So again I literally, you know, like I said with the cleaning company I contract with that does house cleaning, carpet cleaning, all that. When I met him I did exactly what Jay said. I said “Hey I have an opportunity for you. If you can do this for me. Give me a better rate and I’ll give you business.” 

Works out great. I just had an agent the other day she said “Hey who’s that guy you use?” He calls me and he’s like “Dude thanks so much.” It’s been a…it’s been a great relationship. But again it’s each…each one’s different. But like I said a lot of what Jay does. I’ll have your carpets cleaned. I’ll have your house cleaned. Post…post-closing or before, you know. Just each one’s different but I think those things are the value that we need to deliver. I’m helping somebody move. So, you know, it’s a…

[Christian]:  OK some legwork in there.  

[Nathan]:  Yeah you need your house power-washed. Fine so be it. There’s different things you can do that I think are way better than a bottle of wine and a candle. 

[Christian]:  Yeah well good on you for flushing that out yourself. Like I know initially when I heard Jay’s presentation, the setup a 5 star service in a 3 star industry I was like “That’s…that’s the missing piece”. You know, and I started, you know, flushing out “OK how can I build this out myself?” And then like a month later you came up with Client Giant because, you know, there’s so many people in the industry that are…want to do that but I mean that’s a big administrative overhead, if you’re gonna do that for entire, you know, for your clients or let alone for the entire brokerage, you know. But good on you for doing that. But as a point of clarification, the Client Giant stuff is customizable. So it’s not like every…every package is the same. So you do have that option.

[Nathan]:  So then let’s just check that box where it says I’m a control freak. So…

[Chris]:  We didn’t know. 

[Nathan]:  No I had a client. The one that I told you about in the last episode with the, you know, that I told her that her paint was F-ing ugly with the wallpaper.

[Chris]:  Yeah. Like “What do you think of this room?” “I think it’s [censored] ugly.”

[Nathan]:  Yes so I called one of the companies I contract with. Final Touch Painting here. And had him out. We needed to do some painting. And what the bathroom that had the wallpaper and of course I said “Well this is all gotta go” And she’s like “What color should I choose? And I looked at her and I said “Jane what do you mean?” She says “What color should I choose?” I said “You don’t get to choose.” She said “Why not?” I said “You’re selling the house. It’s not yours anymore.” She goes “Are you gonna let me make any decisions?” And I said “No I’m not.” She goes “OK”. [laughter]. And might you, my broker is with me on this appointment and he’s like “How do you get away with that stuff?” I am like “I don’t know”.

But, you know, again it’s…it was great. I loved it and, you know, she wants to be…I don’t, you know, she wants to be told what to do to get her house sold. I think people appreciate that.

[Chris]:  I think a lot of…in those interactions I think a lot of agents are afraid of making the wrong decision so they don’t make decisions at all. And I think that’s part of the reason why a lot of people don’t see value in real estate agents. Because they feel like “Oh this person is just gonna be a yes person. This person…what am I paying them for? Walk me through a contract when they’re just gonna ask me what I want in the contract?” You know, don’t be afraid to grow some. And, you know, actually have a conversation where you’re taking the lead and walking your clients through it. Because it’s part of being memorable. 

[Nathan]:  And being a professional. 

[Chris]:  Definitely part of being a professional. Definitely part of being memorable. And if you’re doing a good job then guess what? It’s a lot easier to keep that relationship alive post-closing.

[Christian]:  Yeah. If you’re just an order taker I mean it’s gonna be harder to justify, you know, the…some of…some of the rates that are common for agents. You know. 

[Chris]:  Yeah. You go to a great restaurant you’re not telling the chef what to cook.

[Nathan]:  Exactly. 

[Chris]:  Alright I think…I think that just about does it for this week’s episode of re:Think Real Estate. Thank you all so much for tuning in. Again please don’t forget go to our rtrepodcast.com. Sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss a beat when we drop a new episode. 


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