RTRE Ep 135 – The Relaunch + A Big Announcement!

Today on the show, we are excited to announce some big, big changes and announcements! We’re switching things up so that it will open some great opportunities for the show.

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It’s been a few months since we’ve released the show and I know you’ve been wondering when we’re going to come back. Coming back from the COVID year, and co-hosts Nathan and Chris have gotten busy and outgrown the show. 

So we’re still going to continue on, without the guys on the show. But I’m excited to a announce a new co-host Kellen “The Beard” Hoskins, some of you may know him from a past episode.  

Kellen has a really long pedigree in the real estate business. His family has been doing business since the 1930s. You can trace back where he found that his great, great, great, great grandfather’s real estate license in Long Beach, California. Over 40 years and multiple family members who are in either the sales side, the investment side, or the development side of the business. He spent 15 years in the wireless busines as a Regional Sales Director, he then decided to hop into the family business and do something for himself for a change. It has been five years since.

We connected and we just became kindred spirits talking about podcasting and your beard! Besides that, I just loved your cheekiness and for you putting yourself out there and pushing back against the status quo.

Hopefully co-hosting will open up an opportunity for us to put both of our knowledge and wisdom out there so that we can continue helping our audience to grow their business and take things to the next level. Both in our podcast and for each of our businesses.

On this show:
– Introduction of the new host
– New beginnings
– Plans for the future
– Helping our audience and extending our reach
– Going our separate ways
– Getting a new perspective and good balance
– Managing immediate necessities of the day-to-day and making sure that operations are at full force.

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So stay tuned, and I hope you learned something from this episode of Rethink Real Estate!